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In the world of visual communication, almost nothing is ultimately as effective at grabbing audience attention as a well-designed poster. That’s why it is so critical to print and produce a poster that shows vivid colors, crisp lines, and beautiful images. Top-quality poster printing in NYC is what makes this possible, and that is why Bestype has carefully mastered the craft of creating the best possible poster printing process at our SoHo NYC facility. Here’s how:

  • Step 1: We review your files and artwork to ensure that we have the best possible images, logos, fonts, and specifications to deliver your poster printing project on time and on spec.
  • Step 2: We select the best possible paper for your NYC poster printing job. Depending upon your requirements, we might go with a matte paper or a gloss paper, a lighter paper weight that can be rolled up and shipped in tubes, or a heavier paper weight that provides sturdiness, like a cover stock.Regardless, our goal is the same: Deliver your poster printing job with the maximum visual impact. That’s why, when you search for poster printing nyc you will find that Bestype is the partner of choice for your needs.
  • Step 3: Our team prepares your job for production on our world-class, state-of-the-art equipment. Our presses are the best in the industry and we pride ourselves on performing rigorous maintenance, preparation, and configuration for our NYC poster printing customers.
  • Step 4: We run your job in our SoHo NYC facility, quality check it thoroughly, and then package and prepare it for you. Want your poster printing job delivered locally in Manhattan on the same day? Done. Want it divided into small batches for shipment to your retail or office locations nationwide? We can do that too.

When you need world-class local poster printing NYC, you need the best — you need Bestype.


Custom Poster Printing: Let Bestype Deliver for Your NYC Poster Printing Needs

As the premier solution provider for printing in NYC, Bestype is your one-stop source for the most sophisticated or complex projects you can imagine. Custom poster printing requires unique capabilities, and the team at Bestype delivers. Here are some types of custom poster considerations you may want to incorporate in your next NYC poster printing project:

  • Large Format Poster Printing – Have you considered going large? Large format printing in NYC is a major custom poster printing option that Bestype supports. From covering a window to covering an entire wall, large format posters are a critical tool in the visual communication arsenal and Bestype can deliver for your poster printing NYC standard and large format needs.
  • Paper Selections and Options – Consider our high-quality standard heavyweight paper, or upgrade to super heavyweight with a matte finish to minimize glare in indoor settings. Then there are photo gloss papers, perfect for applications involving a lot of vivid photos or images. Some are full-gloss, some are semi-gloss depending upon your application. Finally, you can also select a high-quality poster board that is ultra-thick and ensures the poster remains stiff when hanging or framing.
  • Special Shapes & Die Cuts – Your poster doesn’t have to be like everyone else’s poster. Consider changing the shape of the poster to match that of your logo or brand imagery, or cutting it to fit a specific surface or space. 
  • Unique Finishes & Mounts – Would you like to laminate your poster to protect it from the elements? Maybe your poster should be mounted so it’s ready for use with a rigid backing. You can also choose between a matte or gloss finish. These options are all available for you when you choose Bestype for poster printing NYC first and foremost.


Types of Poster Printing

For demanding NYC clients, Bestype offers two types of local poster printing solutions. They are:

  • Digital Poster Printing – The most common option chosen for today’s customers, digital poster printing uses a process that charges the ink elements and then applies the charged ink to the paper. Digital is delivered without the interim step of creating plates and is generally easier to execute for small jobs or those that involve variable output. It is the dominant method in use today for poster printing projects of all sizes. 
  • Offset Poster Printing – Offset printing, also referred to as offset lithography, was the primary method in use until the last fifteen years when digital presses were generally able to match the quality and cost of ‘traditional’ offset methods. Offset uses either CMYK (continuous process) or Pantone (spot color) methods to specify the application of ink to paper, and is ideal for extremely high volume applications or those involving very large layers of deep colors, when liberal application of ink is required to ensure optimum coverage.  


Applications for Poster Printing NYC – and Beyond

Poster printing is critical for many applications including visual communications like product promotions, theater and event announcements, gallery and museum exhibit openings, as well as for adding energy to built environments such as studios, retail stores, fashion shows, healthcare facilities, fitness clubs, and more. Of course, in the COVID-19 era, poster printing NYC in particular has taken on a new sense of urgency, as it is used to transmit essential health and safety information to customers and employees alike. 


How to Choose Images and Graphics for Poster Printing

In addition to choosing the best poster printer for your project, the most important consideration for creating an effective poster that communicates successfully is the nature of the images and graphics you use in the design. Here are five powerful and proven guidelines for getting the most out of our poster design as you prepare for printing success:

  1. Less is More – When in doubt, reduce text and increase visual impact. You have mere fractions of a second to grab the viewer’s attention.
  2. Go Big – Since posters are an inherently visual medium, the smart money is on going big with the design itself and the size of the finished product.
  3. Use Bleeds – Let those powerful images bleed over the edge of the paper or board so that your poster printing process results in a clean, full-coverage design that wows the viewer.
  4. Commit to a Color Palette – Colors are good; aligned colors are better. Use a color palette that has been designed to ensure that you have consistent color selections and that they complement one another.
  5. Build on Your Brand – Posters are one of the most effective methods for communicating your brand powerfully, so commit to your brand guidelines. Use the exact colors, fonts, and specifications called for in your brand guidelines. Make sure your logo shines through. Carry those colors and standards throughout the design so it feels unique to you.


Why Bestype is Your Choice for NYC Poster Printing

Are you an NYC business, ad agency, retailer, restaurant, fashion brand, or arts organization? Regardless of the context, you need to design and deliver posters that shine — with powerful images, crisp graphics, spot-on imagery, and perfect paper choices. The finished result has to exceed even your exacting standards. 


That’s why you need Bestype. 

We’re the proven leader in rush printing and fast turnaround for the most demanding clients, poster printing NYC customers just like you. We’re serious about delivering spot-on solutions in a New York Minute using the best equipment and most talented production personnel in the industry, all from our SoHo production facility in the heart of New York City. 


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