Offset Printing Services

If you’re not familiar with offset printing, it is the process of using metal plates to transfer an image or text onto rubber to then roll the image onto a sheet of paper. Offset printing is an extremely efficient method of printing once the setup is complete. It’s more cost-effective than digital printing for large runs (quantities of over 1,000 for most products, and over 500 for envelopes).

In addition to its cost-effectiveness, offset printing allows us to print with Pantone colors as opposed to simulating them with CMYK colors, as is done with digital printing. This means the most precise color matching you can find. Other advantages are the ability to print on heavier substrates like cardstock, which is not possible with digital printing.

At Bestype, we recommend using offset printing services for larger quantities of printing. Need thousands of flyers or copies of your magazine? Bestype’s offset printing services can do it all for you!

With focus on precision, detail and color fidelity, our offset printing jobs will look the same from the first print to the last. Offset printing tends to take longer and require more investment than digital printing, so is best suited for those looking for top-quality at high quantities.


Offset Printing Product Examples:
  • Business cards
  • Invitations
  • Envelopes
  • Letterheads
  • Notepads

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Offset Printing NYC