Printing booklets isn’t as easy as one would think, even if your office’s laser printer allegedly has a booklet printing and folding function. Booklet printing in New York can be stressful for admins, and even the most straightforward office production task can go wrong. Booklet layout and office printing settings can be confusing, even for experts.

  • One stray blank page inserts itself where it doesn’t belong.
  • Desktop publishing booklet print settings look like gibberish. 
  • Paper jams can threaten your booklet production deadline.
  • Even and odd headers and footers? Page numbers? How do they work?
  • Unique booklet covers need particular card stock that you forgot to order.
  • You’ve run out of saddle staples, toner, or time.
  • Your paper supply delivery has been delayed for the third time this week.

Bestype offers a solution for every booklet printing problem, and we provide timesaving services which support every publishing project. We deliver a quick turnaround with less stress for any print task.

Our booklet printing expertise supports personal creative projects, education and nonprofit causes, and commercial publication. We offer everyone in NYC decades of booklet printing expertise, and we can print anything you need, all at a reasonable cost:

  • Catalogs
  • Manuals and handbooks
  • Promotional booklets  
  • Tour guides
  •  Self-publishing 
  •  Special event booklets for weddings, funerals, and memorials, and more

We’re as local as a print shop can be. Our SOHO neighborhood booklet printing experts print any project, from thousands of copies to smaller runs. We turn concepts into booklets for any business or cause:

  • Recipe collections 
  • Pamphlets 
  • Quick-start guides and instruction manuals 
  • Magazine product inserts 
  • Poetry collections 
  • Product advertising 

If you need help designing and printing a booklet for your special event, we would be honored to provide you with this service. Our booklet printing New York customers have many options for choosing your booklet’s format, binding type, and printing method. 


What Is a Booklet?

Remembering that a booklet is smaller than a book helps guide design. Booklets usually are bound using saddle stitching, but they can take advantage of other finishing methods and formats. Wire binding allows booklets to lie flat and use thicker stock, including different thicknesses of cardboard. Small paperbacks can be assembled using perfect binding and can still technically be considered a booklet. 


Booklet Printing 

Booklets can be printed as short-run projects of 50 to 100 copies, or we can produce thousands. Give away booklet handouts to anyone who wants to know more about you. If you’re a nonprofit or community organization, your content can highlight your history, programs, and current leadership, and you can include contact card inserts and information for volunteer recruiting. Your business can use booklets to spread the news about products and sales or even highlight your company’s participation in a cause you care about. How you use our booklet printing New York services is entirely up to you, and your imagination isn’t limited by the smaller format booklets take.


Easier than DTP: How to Print a Booklet in Word and How to Print a Booklet in PDF Format 

You may not be fluent in inexpensive Adobe Creative Cloud applications like Photoshop and InDesign or have access to Microsoft Office Publisher. Bestype can work with the files that you’ve created using any word processing application, including MS Word, Apple Pages, Google Docs, and more. If you have drafted your document using an online platform with a booklet template, we can print it for you from a PDF export. If you use a Windows or Mac desktop application and have your graphics ready for us, we will help you organize your booklet layout and print it for you. 

We know how to print a booklet in Word, and we understand Adobe’s booklet printing settings — we know how to print a booklet in Adobe PDF. We agree with you that nothing about printing from these apps is easy. 

Prepare your content, and we will take care of exporting your document into booklet format. While Mac users can automatically save their Pages or Word documents in Preview or as an Adobe PDF, this gets more expensive for Windows users, which requires a paid Adobe subscription. We know how to print a booklet in Word — this is not a problem for us; problem solved for you.


Standard Booklet Sizes 

Booklets can be custom-sized, but most commonly, they are printed on double-sided pages using saddle-stitching and come in two standard sizes, 5.5″ x 8.5″ and 8.5″ x 11″ (measured when folded and closed). 

Digital printing makes booklet assembly, folding, and binding fast and easy: the printer prints duplex pages, binds the pages together using saddle-stitching staples, and folds the booklet together. Our print technology’s flexibility accommodates two neat options to match different cover stock to your project’s style and offers inclusions like tear-off cards. 


How Many Pages Should a Booklet Have?

We frequently answer questions about how large or small booklets can be. Does Bestype offer small booklet printing, and how many pages (max) can a booklet contain? Designing a booklet using desktop publishing software makes it easy to create the layout your booklet needs. The application orders the pages for you, making small booklet printing as easy as printing a jumbo, oversized booklet, or magazine. A booklet can have as few as eight pages of content, and as many as sixty-four pages, depending on the binding style used to create the project.

The most important part to remember in designing a standard booklet is that each booklet has to have a total page count that is a multiple of 4 — meaning that the printer uses two sheets of paper to produce eight pages of content. 

Booklets that contain less content need to plan on an even number of pages. Sometimes people make design choices that create blank pages before the first page of text and after the final content page to compensate for lower counts of less than 20 pages. Still, many designers consider this a waste of valuable paper. Bestype technicians can help you create better layouts for your booklet to optimize your paper usage and purchase.


Booklet Binding 

Saddle-stitching is the most common binding for booklets, creating booklets with a minimum of 8 pages. Standard-sized saddle staples can punch through more sheets, but how many pages a booklet can hold depends on the weight and thickness of paper you select for your project. The page count also affects the ability of the printed booklet to lie flat and for the cover to remain closed. We recommend that saddle-stitched standard booklets contain 8 to no more than 64 pages of text.

Perfect binding produces booklets with sections of pages glued to a taped spine. These look like mini-books but need more pages inside to work. We can assemble perfect-bound booklets up to 200 pages.

Loop-stitching finishes booklets using bookbinding thread to achieve a similar look to saddle-stitched stapled booklets. They can contain up to sixty-four pages — the maximum page count ensuring they lie flat and remain closed until someone lifts the cover.

Wire, plastic, and comb binding can be used in booklets, especially when choosing thicker cardstock or paper. These binding methods can generally hold up to 64 pages, depending on the thickness of the materials. 


Magazine Booklet Printing

Channel your creative idea and passion into a magazine or journal! Bestype’s booklet printing New York service works with you to publish your creative vision in full-color fun.

Some companies use the magazine format style to promote their goods and services. Organizations can take advantage of available and affordable full-color printing. Bestype helps print look its best – your content will rise to a new level of sophistication. Informative content looks impressive when professionally set. Events and dates stand out. Creative editorial ideas set readers’ imaginations on fire.

Magazines are available in different sizes ranging from small booklets (5.5″ x 8.5″) to large formats (8.5″ x 11″). We carry many varieties of cover stock, including multiple matte and cardboard finishes. The paper contained between magazine covers can be glossy or matte — the choice is really up to you. Either style of magazine printing suits digital or offset full-color graphics, or black and white. We typically bind magazines with glue to a spinal strip, known as perfect binding, or offer saddle-stitching through the center. 

Small format magazines are the perfect size for more straightforward content and ideas. Large format magazines are ideal vehicles for broader concepts, more extensive graphics, and longer-form articles. 


Short-run Booklet Printing

Digital printing lets anyone print a short run of booklets. Bestype works with individuals, schools, colleges, training programs, and other small businesses who need to print a limited short-run of books for specific purposes. Short or long, any size project is a candidate for digital printing. We can print your documents in full digital color or grayscale, sepia, or black and white. Full-color digital printing produces professional catalogs for mail or distribution, eye-catching mini lookbooks for casual browsing (and intense craving), and magazine-style booklets that market your products or cause.

Short printing runs can accommodate as few as 50 to 100 copies and as many as thousands of editions if that’s what you need. 


Cheap Booklet Printing – Inexpensive Options to Meet Your Budget

Booklet printing doesn’t need to be expensive — we offer cheap booklet printing options using our digital press, an economical range of paper options, and saddle-stitch binding. Depending on how many booklets you need to print, even offset printing may fit your options for cheap booklet printing. Please talk with us about what you need, what your budget looks like, and we will guide you to an affordable solution for your booklet printing project that won’t break the bank.


Why Choose Bestype Book Printing?

Conveniently located in Manhattan’s SOHO neighborhood, our print shop is easily reached by public transportation from anywhere in Manhattan. Our customers aren’t limited to designers and graphic arts professionals – we offer the same support and project production excellence to everyone who prints with us. You can trust us to help you with your booklet printing NYC project – we offer an accessible entryway into publishing for any individual or nonprofit organization that wants to dive headfirst into booklet and magazine publishing. We provide cheap booklet printing combined with ecologically friendly options using digital printing. We can print short runs — this makes it easy to try out new ideas and build circulation.

Bestype maintains a supply inventory of everything that we need to print your booklet, including various cover stock options. We print everything we produce in-house. When you give us even the most minor project, we publish it on our equipment, with no job outsourcing. We carefully schedule jobs and technician staffing so that we can promise a fast turnaround for your project.

If you need help designing your booklet or magazine, Bestype’s booklet printing New York technicians are always available to lend their wisdom to your most vexing formatting and layout questions. We can help find answers to the most common questions in designing booklets and help you improve your design. 

Our initial consultation about your booklet printing project will map out tasks from start to finish. Let us help you choose your interior paper and cover stock, whether to print using our digital printers or offset. Finally, we can help you navigate which binding method works best for your concept. We’ll make all the steps in booklet printing easy.

Whether you’re printing a magazine, catalog, or manual, our booklet printing in New York team members will offer you all of the same guidance and printing expertise you need at every step of the publishing process.


When You Are Ready to Publish Your Booklet, Shout for Bestype.

Bestype’s doors are open to you during convenient business hours, and we would welcome the chance to help you plan your booklet printing project. We can also rescue you from booklet printing nightmare scenarios. Or you can call or email us to receive a complimentary consultation to start your booklet printing project. Our specialists will answer any questions you have and help guide you in printing a successful booklet run with us. We’ll give you a custom quote for printing and binding services and offer so much more. Contact us today.