When you bring your creative sticker ideas to Bestype, we’re eager to help you design and print your project. We’re at the center of art and music marketing for the downtown club scene. Marketing departments across New York City regularly work with us to produce more traditional forms of sticker advertising. And graphic designers come to us to reproduce their favorite patterns as custom sticker printing. All of this means that whatever you want to print and stick, we want to help you do it.


What is Sticker Printing?

Bestype custom sticker printing makes it easy to create impressive label decals. However you want to use and market your stickers, Bestype can help you achieve the look, design, and production of your sticker printing in NYC.


What Are Some Creative Ways to Use Custom Sticker Printing?

When our clients ask us to print their stickers, they use them in very creative ways:

  • Brand and logo marketing
  • Decorative design
  • Kids’ activities, school, and camp
  • Personal stationery and gifts


Viral Marketing and Sticker Printing NYC

Wherever it’s legal to stick a label with a brand (and sometimes, where it’s not), you’ll see stickers plastered across anywhere they can attract attention. A well-designed sticker will draw the eye through creative graphic design, bright colors, and short text messages. It’s fast and easy to create memorable marketing using custom sticker printing. Young marketers and do-it-yourself promoters have fallen in love with sticker printing. Sticker printing promotes music, art, and artists — they use stickers for marketing their stuff, whatever that stuff is.

Mainstream marketing experts, including brand managers, are increasingly aware that people are using custom-printed stickers in all kinds of creative ways. They’re harnessing the same ideas — sticker-printing NYC-style means delivering edgy marketing to a custom-sticker-obsessed demographic. Even people who don’t know anything about brand evangelism stick their favorite companies’ logos where other eyes can view them. Sticker-sporters become a brand’s stealth marketing army. Mobile device cover stickers are on-trend for showcasing favorite causes, brands, artists, and bands.

Music Rush Sticker Printing NYC – Artists working in Manhattan and Brooklyn’s music scene rely on rush sticker printing NYC-style to advertise their upcoming gigs. The artists post the sticker instead of a flyer on walls and barriers, club restrooms, studios, and even gyms. New York’s music scene took advantage of the power of viral stickers before the idea caught on with the mainstream marketing community. Services supporting the music industry have gotten into the act — DJs and sound technicians also create stickers and spread them everywhere along with their business cards.

Stickers and the Marketing Mainstream – Sticker marketing is an affordable way to attract new customers, reinforce your brand on existing fans’ imaginations, and boost sales. Strong graphics transmit an immediate, lasting impression that makes its point before the viewer even gets a chance to blink. When your fans show off your custom sticker, they spread a positive word about your company or organization. Stickers increase your advertising reach at a fraction of the cost of print and web impression-based advertising.


DIY Design

Flat-pack furniture can be bland. Non-trendy, vinyl-surfaced appliances (i.e., not the stainless-steel kind) are boring. Design tricks include using patterned stickers and decals:

  • to spice up bookshelf interiors and add contrast behind items
  • to decorate drawer fronts and make them more colorful
  • to make kitchen appliances more visually appealing

Good design using stickers covers up blah and brings pizzazz to living spaces. Decals add contrast to even the drabbest big box store purchase or street salvage furniture find. Bold-patterned stickers are on-trend — the potential with using custom sticker printing as part of fresh interior design is unlimited. Creative decals enliven anything they’re applied onto.

Stores and Stickers

There are many traditional uses for custom stickers and labels. Bestype makes it easy to print all kinds of labels that are designed with the end-users in mind.

Food Industry – When it comes to food containers, custom sticker printing needs to adapt to the climate. Labels need to use materials and adhesives that can withstand temperature changes. We print labels and custom stickers that work in the freezer, in the fridge, in the chilled case, and under heat lamps. Various kinds of adhesive strengths are available to make labels easier or harder to remove.

Retail & Shipping – Retail labels and stickers are used in gift box packaging and printing. Your store’s colors, branding, and lovely gift sentiments can be a part of your gift box strategy. Scent marketing lovers can also include scented stickers discreetly placed inside packaging. Your stickers can be weatherproof and temperature-resistant labels that withstand any domestic and international shipping adventures.

Self-Publishing and Music Marketing – Stickers are a fast way of updating book covers, dust jackets, and music packaging without re-designing a cover completely. Mainstream publishers use custom stickers all the time. Stickers promote awards and other noteworthy events. They help market authors and artists — you can take advantage of the same custom sticker printing technology to add information to your item covers.

Marketing and Promotions – By adding custom stickers to outside mailer packaging, any business or non-profit can draw attention to special offers or events included inside. A sticker draws the eye with visual contrast to the rest of the mailing container.


Kids and Stickers

Stickers and kids are made for each other. Educators and anyone who works with kids can create unique designs through custom sticker printing. City kids can treasure distinctive motivational decals set apart from the mass market stickers commercially available to classrooms and camps.

Schools and Teachers can create custom sticker printing designs that reflect a school’s unique emblem, logo, crest, and colors. The stickers you give your students can be unique and reflect your unique interests as teachers. We can create special award stickers just for your special subject. Any image can be made into a custom sticker.

Summer Camp Custom Sticker Printing makes any decal more fun! Design decals as special awards for your campers. Any activity image can be turned into a custom sticker.

Scrapbook Custom Sticker Printing and Other Arts and Crafts – If you have searched high and low for stickers reflecting your passions and interests and haven’t yet found the perfect set, you can create them yourself! Select your images and create your own set of stickers for personal use, collecting, scrapbooking, and other hobbies.


Personalized Custom Sticker Printing Projects

If you’re dissatisfied with commercially available designs featuring your name or initials, take on the challenge of creating your unique personalized mailing labels and envelope seals. Custom sticker printing can be used for your name, monogram, and unique mailing labels for personal or business use.


What Makes Stickers Sticky? Styles, Shapes, and Materials

Bestype’s label printers use inks that can be applied to different materials for use inside and outside. Stickers can be designed for normal indoor use, grocery and restaurant applications, or outdoor display.


Custom Sizes and Die-Cut Shape Sticker Printing

Stickers can be designed in many sizes. Standard geometric designs are common, but we can print nonstandard borders. Our printing technicians can die-cut stickers with unique shapes that match your business, products, and services.

Sticker Material Options

The material you need for your stickers depends on where you want to display your sticker, indoors or out, heat or cold, dry conditions or wet ones. Your choices include:

  • Metalized, clear, or white polyester
  • Industrial vinyl
  • Clear or white polypropylene
    Static cling vinyl (sticks to glass — no adhesive needed!)
  • Litho, semi-gloss, and high gloss paper


Adhesive Choices

Different adhesives are designed for exactly how you want to use your sticker. Do you want a sticker that’s self-stick (pressure-sensitive adhesive), or do you need a label that uses a solvent or heat to activate the glue backing? Bestype can print any label, decal, or sticker, and the backing is up to you.

For most sticker printing labels, you can choose from three typical adhesive types.

Permanent Adhesive is what you find on most stickers. Durable and budget-friendly, this is the backing you expect on most stickers. Permanent adhesive stickers create a strong bond with the material. When you remove the sticker, you will need a solvent like Goo Gone to remove residue. These solvents could damage the finish on some items and should be used with caution.

Removable Adhesive is a good choice if you are using stickers for retail. Removable stickers are easily picked up and replaced without damaging the sticker or item itself. Removable adhesive stickers are perfect choices for printing when you need to temporarily mark retail items, store coupons, and mark limited-time discounts. This adhesive type is also very useful for anyone who might absentmindedly place a sticker in the wrong place. Temperature can affect removable adhesive stickers, which may not be as sticky in extremely warm or very cold environments.

Repositionable Adhesive works when stickers may need to be repositioned or reapplied. There are different strengths of repositionable adhesive. These coatings range from very light applications that will eventually lose all of their stickiness to layers that will become permanent bonds over time.

No Adhesive! Cling decals and magnet-backing come in many shapes and sizes. No adhesive window clings are made of vinyl and polymers, which will adhere to most types of flat glass using static electricity or an application of distilled water. Giant-sized window clings take advantage of our wide-format printers and can be sized up to 100 inches wide. Magnet backing creates vinyl bumper-stickers and refrigerator magnet decals which create strong bonds to the metal.


Why Choose Bestype for Custom Sticker Printing in NYC?

New York City’s creatives have brought their wildest runaway ideas to Bestype for over 40 years. We take those ideas captive, and then we print them. These edgy projects include stickers promoting music and all arts across NYC. Other projects produce quiet, subtle stickers and decals for many of our city’s service businesses, medical, and legal offices.

We’re here for you, whatever you do and create. If you don’t have a file in mind, we’ll help you create the images you want to make sticky. We want to make custom sticker printing available to everyone.

When you contact us, we will consult with you about all the details you would like to include in your custom sticker printing project. If you don’t have a file ready in a vector-graphic format, we’ll work with you to create one. Bestype’s printing technician will help you decide which materials and adhesive style work best for your project. We’ll create a product sample for you, and if you like what you see, we’ll produce your sticker printing order.

You can pick up your custom sticker printing NYC-local order, or we can arrange to ship bulk orders anywhere in the US. If you need your large order delivered to a club or other local NYC venue, we can arrange that, too.

You are always welcome to come in for your free project quote, view samples in our project portfolio, and check on your order. We’re open weekdays during convenient daytime business hours.

Contact Us When You Are Ready to Create Your Next Custom Sticker Printing in NYC

We promise that sticker printing can be easy. Bestype Printing brings knowledge, experience, and affordability to every custom-printing project so that everyone can be creative and bring their ideas to life on any sized budget. Our custom-sticker printing NYC technologists can help you make your ideas sticky — marketable, memorable, viral, and beautiful.

Contact Bestype today for your custom project quote and consultation — let’s get your sticker creation ideas to our printers.