Bestype is New York City’s resource for any specialty or customized printing project. Our technicians and technology are available to take your creative idea from concept to production. With over 40 years of experience in providing specialty printing services, we’ve yet to encounter a conceptual challenge that hasn’t thrilled and inspired us.


What is Bestype specialty printing?

Through Bestype’s technological wizardry, whatever you imagine, we design and produce. We use digital technology to print your creative designs on a wide range of materials. What can you do with the custom-crafted masterpieces we design? The sky’s the limit!

We excel at complex printing projects and unique applications of cutting-edge printing techniques: standout business card design and eye catching trade show banners and signage are items we produce every day for our clients.

Whether your project involves large format printing for your store’s grand opening or a short run of genteel custom-printed invitations and envelopes for a private tea party, we enjoy the process of turning your creativity into viewable and touchable keepsakes.

Our printing technicians create unique, attention-grabbing items designed for both personal and commercial use. Specialty printing projects can be large or small but are always unique. To transfer your creative ideas onto paper, board, vinyl, and other materials, we typically use a combination of inkjet and laser printers in different sizes. Our full-color graphic printers accommodate materials ranging from 18 inches to 100 inches wide. We can print not only onto flat materials but also construct items with folds or build signage that stands upright on a banquet tabletop, or a trade show or retail floor.

Bestype accurately reproduces custom artwork at any scale. Here is a shortlist of items prime for specialty printing attention:

  • Floor and counter samples
  • Special packaging: boxes in all shapes and sizes
  • Building and vehicle wraps
  • Presentation folders
  • Posters
  • Banners
  • Outdoor signs
  • Real estate signs
  • Retail, lobby, and trade show displays
  • Window decals
  • Unique table standup signage
  • Die-cut business cards
  • Individualized stationery
  • Embossed (or debossed) notecards, letterhead, and envelopes
  • Doorknob signs
  • Bumper stickers, including static cling designs
  • Glow-in-the-dark posters and signage
  • Floor decals
  • Art and graphics reproductions
  • 3-dimensional displays
  • Flyers with unique folds
  • Custom wrapping paper, gift tissue, and gift bags
  • Barcode-scan identification labels
  • Special event and banquet signage and tabletop displays
  • Life-size photo cutout standups</span

Many of our clients’ projects must follow technical health and safety requirements. Our NYC custom printing services can print using eco-friendly and food-safe materials, producing unique printed items for restaurant and grocery needs, such as:

  • Customized food-grade wrapping, containers, boxes, and bags
  • Restaurant menus, tray liners, placemats, and napkins
  • Direct-thermal labels for catering and grocery items
  • Menus and customized table and countertop displays
Letter press and specialty format printing

How does specialty printing work?

Our technicians harness the power of our printers and digital design tools to turn any idea that uses graphics into a working reality. If you can imagine it, we can produce it. 

Bestype’s NYC specialty printing services enjoy a reputation for reliability: we routinely help clients from graphic designers to executive assistants get their projects printed and assembled under deadline.

Specialty printing projects can be as simple as customized stationery or as complex as printed graphic shapes. We use the latest digital printing equipment and cutting and folding technology to print and assemble your print jobs.

The results are sharp, clean images and cuts that make the final assembly for our prints easy. Projects can be even more intricate than 2-D. Imagine our images standing up as a series of graphic cutouts applied to a standup photorealistic three-dimensional display of the magical Manhattan skyline. Or the possibilities for innovative stage designers who might glue our graphics to set design elements and stage constructions with joints and moving parts.  

Bestype works with you to understand your vision for any unique printing project, discussing your requirements and expectations in depth. We want to complete your project successfully, estimate assembly time accurately, and produce a timeframe for when your project will be ready for pickup or delivery to its final destination. 


Types of specialty printing

The same techniques and technology we use across virtually every New York City-based industry and field can also go to work for your creative projects. 

Die cut printing cuts unique, custom shapes into your printed designs using sharp metal dies. We can create an intricate design pattern to match even your most lacy fantasy invitation or custom die-cut image business card. We carry a comprehensive assortment of die cuts, but we can also manufacture customized, uniquely shaped dies for your project. 

Customized envelope printing makes a statement even before exiting any recipient’s mailbox. You can choose from an extensive range of envelopes, fonts, and envelope embellishments, all designed to entice people to open your printed communication. Our envelopes accommodate full-bleed (edge-to-edge) printing, and match with custom-printed letterhead, stationery, and notecards to meet your design ideas.

Foil stamping and metallic inks deliver metallic mirror effects that our technicians apply with heat and pressure. Hot foil stamping is available in a full range of color options, including silver, gold, and copper. Alternatively, our technicians can apply metallic ink to your project — it’s not as reflective as foil stamping but lends a metallic tone to your fonts or design. You can even combine foil stamping and metallic inks with embossing, resulting in a three-dimensional creation that shines, glimmers, or sparkles.

Embossing and debossing effects raise or indent any portion of your design or text. These specialty printing techniques render text more tactile. We can apply them to any element of your design, giving your readers a different texture to experience when they run their fingertips over your printed work. Using a customized die with your text or image, our printing technicians press into the stock to slightly raise the text or graphic above the paper base level. The die used can be applied front or back, single-level or multi-level. Many different weights of paper and finishes accept embossing and debossing, including card stock. Other materials can also take embossing and debossing, including vinyl, acrylic, metal, and wood.

Spot varnish printing applies varnish to any part of your piece. Varnishing makes a portion of your text or images highly glossed or reflective without hiding or dimming colors. Technicians use varnish in gloss, satin, or matte finishes. You can also choose to apply varnish to an entire paper or cardstock item, resulting in an overall sheen that protects images beneath the coating. 

Wide format printing creates giant signs, one-way window clings and perforations, and much more. We can custom-print anything huge, ranging from vinyl banners to mural assembly components. Our multiple printers can accommodate any wide-format project ranging from 18 to 100 inches wide.

Direct thermal label printing custom prints images and text onto strong stickers engineered to withstand temperature changes ranging from heat lamp to freezer case. Your label can include individual item pricing, nutritional information, and even product bar codes. Thermal label printing has uses beyond the food counter — they adhere tightly to plastics in all kinds of temperature and weather conditions. Packing and shipping containers use thermal labels, perfect for any application where the item they’re stuck onto needs to be scanned. 

Scented printing impresses whoever opens your mailing or magazine. As long as your piece is fully enclosed in a container envelope or wrapped in plastic, the United States Post Office will send your scent wherever you want it to waft. Bestype’s NYC speciality printing services love new perfumers’ creations: we can add your newly invented scent to glue and seal it into a promotion card for your latest product. Birthday celebration invitations can include a scratch and sniff element that smells like chocolate cake, vanilla frosting, snuffed out birthday candle smoke, or even strawberries and cream. Scent technology evokes strong responses.

We can customize your scented printing project with a wide range of familiar scents and blends, or we can incorporate a unique custom scent you want to promote. 

Glow-in-the-dark printing can add an element of excitement to entertainment events and parties, but also has ultra-practical applications. We can custom print any item using phosphorescent ink, applying a chemical varnish background to black or blacklight reflective text. This allows us to special-print concert tickets, back-stage passes, flyers, cocktail menus, dark restaurant menus — anything you want to glow in the dark, our printers can deliver. Safety-first print projects include customized elements and signage, including directional arrows and floor decals containing any information that you want to convey when the lights go out.

Perforations and rip cards are appointment cards, event and raffle tickets, RSVP tickets, direct reply mailers, and inclusions. We can also create unique double-sided perforated cards in many sizes, including standard postcard mailing pieces that are perfect as a tear-off inside any book or magazine you bind with us. Various finishes, bindings, glosses, and varnish options are available to create a memorable tear-off. 

Folding makes objects stand up and stand out! Many of the specialty pieces we print are parts of more extensive, three-dimensional projects. We offer machine folding for booklets and flyers, but we also print items that fold into three-dimensional boxes and stand-up signage for floor and tabletop display. Unique folding options are available to all of our clients — each of which gives you a structural way to add interest to your piece.

Paper options include a large selection of specialty paper types:

  • Magnetic and cling
  • Plastic and synthetic
  • Recycled and eco-friendly
  • Heat resistant 
  • Textures

Our printing technology makes it easy to print on almost any medium to customize a unique project.

And our printing experts understand that selecting the ideal materials for your project is vital to ensuring the project prints accurately. We will provide all the guidance you need to ensure that your creative vision comes to life in a way that exceeds your expectations.


How do Bestype’s NYC specialty printing services work?

Printing in New York City is always an adventure. Bestype regularly works with diverse and varied professional clients who challenge us with their creativity and the timeframes they need to get their projects produced and delivered.

The items we print often end up as more than flat pieces of paper: our clients use them in unique ways and across every industry that calls New York City home. Clients rely on us to provide customized printing projects for use in New York’s art scene, in the Theater District, across all the different clubs in Greenwich Village, and in every restaurant, boutique, and retail destination in Manhattan. Private customers and event planners use our custom printing to create invitations to weddings and bar mitzvahs that are in a class by themselves and outdo the last invitation received (creativity is competitive!). We can custom print items for any event that needs a dash of elegance or a touch of whimsy.

Our printing technicians want to deliver the highest level of customer service and support for your project, and are happy to guide you through each specialty printing option by offering advice that will result in a perfectly printed outcome. 

Dynamic, specialty printing has never been easier for any of your custom designs. You can upload your files instantly online and relax, knowing that we share your expectation of 100% technical accuracy. We’re as intent on getting your project right during pre-press and production as you are. You can review your project proofs and final assembled pieces right in our convenient Soho print shop. We’ll update you on our progress while we prepare your proof, and you’ll be able to alter any detail right up to the moment we print your order. 


What sets Bestype’s specialty printing apart from other print shops in New York City and online?

Bestype’s specialty print services support companies and freelance creatives working in virtually every industry that make New York City unique. We innovate our processes and technology to synchronize with our diverse client base. As they have changed and expanded, so have we. We follow trends in marketing and event planning, the trade show industry, wedding, and party planning to share the latest ideas with you.

Our legendary Soho Print Shop opens the gateway to high-end specialty print and design capabilities to everyone. We price our products and services competitively to remain affordable. 

Please feel welcome to walk into our shop and visit with us. When you stop in, you can observe what we do and how we do it. We’re hands-on and in-house: we design, print, and produce everything under one roof, employing a dedicated staff of more than twenty technicians skilled in specialty printing, operations, pre-press, bookbinding, design and layout, and everything anyone needs to produce stellar specialty printing projects. 


How do I get started with specialty printing?

When you’re ready, contact us, and we will schedule an in-depth conversation with one of our experts to walk you through the planning, material selection, and other design options that build your project. Some specialty printing projects look intricate and impressive but are deceptively simple. Other custom printing projects require detailed project planning to ensure that our final product exactly matches and performs like the idea in your imagination. We want your final project to be flawless. 

When you bring your specialty printing idea to our team, we will discuss the project’s logistics with you and even help you fine-tune your design with suggestions based on our industry expertise. Our experience allows us to identify design ideas that need a little tweaking to execute correctly — we anticipate design flaws and know how to overcome them.

We’ll show you how to upload your files through our secure online dropbox. Once we’ve reviewed your digital files, we will troubleshoot any potential areas that might need a technical tweak, depending on the type of paper, board, and other materials you’ve selected in your design consultation. If we discover that an element in our initial review and proof won’t work as planned, we will let you know and work with you until you are satisfied and are ready to print. 

Once we produce your final proof for your review, we will review all of your instructions again. Our painstaking attention to every detail helps us make sure that all of your design elements and technical specifications work.

We also work with you to arrange shipping or pickup logistics. We can even work with expert messenger and delivery partners to send items directly to your event or venue, using bulk mail service. Smaller orders are available for pickup during our convenient business hours. 


How does Bestype accomplish specialty printing projects quickly?

We’re able to print orders speedily and on time because our printing, production, and even assembly are done in-house by our staff of experts who are as passionate as they are skilled. We keep a large inventory of every item we need for the projects we produce regularly — this reduces lead time waiting for unique materials to arrive from warehouses outside of New York City. Another element that speeds up our turnaround time is our detailed project consultation method.

Through the information you provide in pre-production, your involvement results in faster delivery of your finished customized printing order. 


Order specialty printing today

Bestype specialty printing wants to make it super easy for you to be your most creative self. Because we’ve garnered over 40 years of experience working in the heart of Manhattan’s Soho neighborhood printing thousands of creative projects for design professionals across every industry, we’ve learned a lot about printing. We share this wisdom with every customer who walks into our shop. Our technicians and production team pair with you to get your most imaginative ideas out of your head, out of our printers, and into places where your audience can enjoy and experience them. 

There are so many ways we can use our customized printing services for you and your business or organization. Whatever you’re involved with, and no matter your vision or how big or small your project, we can turn designs into a 2-D even 3-D reality! 

Reach out to us today to start a conversation about your next specialty printing project. We will walk you through every step of creation, pre-press, and production, and cover all the delivery logistics involved in meeting even your tightest deadline.

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