Uv coating

If you are printing to last, you should consider the specs of your piece and how it will hold up to time and the elements. UV coating has become an industry standard way of preserving and protecting work on stock as low as 80lb text (though heavier cover is preferred). The coating can be applied at different concentrations allowing for high gloss or matte finishes. A common example of UV coated paper is photography paper sold for private printing projects.

UV coating may also be practical for your project if you are on a time crunch and required a large volume of units. UV treated paper dries almost instantly after passing through the ultraviolet lamp, which allows for a significant decrease in turnaround time.

UV coating the paper for your projects not only provides you with the desired finish and fast turnaround but also adds the protective factor to any vibrantly colored project. If your project will be mounted, displayed or exposed to the elements, UV coating will also protect the typical color fade seen in many projects after prolonged exposure to sunlight.

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