The professional printers at Bestype in Soho, have a long standing history of catering to creative professionals and are excited to be working with New York’s emerging poets. Bestype’s printers are proud to be offering high quality chapbooks at an affordable rate that allows an actual return on investment on part of the poet.

The specs for Bestype’s Chapbook are a pocket-friendly 5.5 by 8.5 inches, soft cover with saddle-stitch binding.

Self-promotion is a must for many poets and having one’s work in a format reflecting the quality of the content should be paramount. For more academic and business or free-lance oriented writers, Bestype also provides everything from business cards to stationery, various forms of bookbinding, and offset printing required to leave a lasting impression.

Our dedicated team can work with you and make your work shine.  Get a quote today and become part of NYC literature legacy!

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