Bestype Imaging is your one-stop location for every printing project, including printing business cards in NYC.  We print:

  • Standard business cards
  • Letterpress business cards
  • Thermography business cards
  • Embossed business cards
  • Metal business cards
  • Same day and rush orders

Our goal is to help you make your first marketing impression more memorable, however and whenever you use your business card. We offer custom-designed, colorful statements that advertise people and their businesses. Your business card may be bold and bright or subtly textural. At the very moment you give your card away, this tiny key to doing business starts to tell your story. It describes who you are and what you do, impacting the person viewing and holding the card and influencing their decisions about interacting with you.

Bestype’s business card NYC printers want to take your passion and translate it into print. We’re here to support your first impression marketing.

Your business card should capture your recipients’ interest. Our job is to translate your vision, style, and creativity into your card, reproducing your ideas accurately through our unique combination of technology and craft.

Bestype’s business cards NYC offer customization choices to suit your style, industry, and field. Your print options include offset printing and digital printing on a wide selection of card stocks.

You can also choose metals and other materials in your design. We apply different printing, cutting, and finishing techniques to create business cards that capture your brand’s personality.


Business Card Printing NYC 

Bestype’s business card printing gives New York City’s customers complete creative control over how their business cards look. We design and print high-impact marketing mini-statements at affordable prices. 

Our business cards are used by professionals in businesses spanning the entirety of Manhattan, in companies across the 5 boroughs of New York City, and beyond. We have over 40 years of professional printing experience and absolutely relish the chance to partner with you to capture your unique ideas and energy in business card form. We’ve staked our reputation on providing special printing services and excellence in customer service. Your business cards will always impress, whether you choose standard, premium, or specialty designs. 

Bestype’s print shop is located in Manhattan’s Soho neighborhood, steps away from major subway lines and within walking distance of everything that makes downtown great.

Our convenient business hours and complimentary design consultation make it easy for your business card design process and purchase to be as hands-on as possible. Bring your ideas to our technicians so we can partner with you to produce a business card that works hard for your marketing. Simple or complex, we will work with you to produce a sample card or prototype design.

You can stop by and examine your sample card before we commit to printing your order. We will always let you know:

  1. the time frame we need to produce your sample card
  2. when your sample will be ready
  3.  the date that your order will be available for pickup or shipping
business card printing nyc

Types of Business Cards

Bestype is New York’s go-to source for all kinds of printing services. We offer same-day and next-day business cards in NYC for simpler designs and finishes. With enough lead time, we can create a new custom card for you with all the bells and whistles you would expect from New York City’s creative printing resource. 

Our customers appreciate the special attention we bring to their work using four business card styles: metal, letterpress, thermographic and embossed designs.

Metal business cards feel heavy and warm to the touch when you press them into your prospect’s hand. They make a statement, which is why credit card companies choose metals for their premium tier members — using metals in your card conveys wealth and success. You can specify the type of metal you would like to use, the thickness you want, and the graphics you would like transferred in your design. Metal business cards grab attention and start people talking.

Our thinnest metal card measures 0.2mm thick, and we can create cards up to a standard credit card thickness of 0.8mm. We can also produce thicker and heavier cards for special orders.

Bestype’s printing technicians deftly apply your card design, including your branding and colors. We transfer designs to metal business cards, membership cards, loyalty cards, club cards, gift cards, invitation cards, backstage passes, identification badges, bar coasters and bottle openers, and many more items. Unusual metal business cards transform themselves into fun client gifts and trade show giveaways.

Letterpress printing delivers crisp definitions of letters and images onto your business cards through the process of relief printing. For your business cards or any letterpress project, we apply your digital designs onto custom photopolymer plates. We press the plates into cotton or bamboo stock — soft textures capture the deep impressions this method produces. Letterpress business cards run through special printers that create letterpress designs in bulk, leaving a deep relief in each piece by pressing into it from one side. 

Modern, faster letterpress printing uses a traditional, timeless printing technique that makes a uniquely elegant, almost Old World statement. Using letterpress in your business card design makes a tactile and visual impression, similar to debossing. We can design and print coordinated letterpress business cards, appointment cards, letterhead, and envelope sets to suit your style and taste. The handcrafted, understated beauty of letterpress printing gives any business card a touch of refinement.

Before producing your final sleeve of letterpress business cards, we carefully examine our sample run to ensure that all of your cards print uniformly.

Thermography business cards use varnish and heat to create raised text and designs. The result is a tactile image that appears to lift from the card stock. Thermography’s clear finish allows the colored ink design and text to show through the heated varnish. Only one side of your card can receive thermographic images and text. There are some design guidelines to follow in this process: images need to be simple, and characters need to be wide-set, otherwise, the heat will melt lines together. Not all card stock types work well with thermography. 

However, Thermography doesn’t affect the back of the card, making it a stylish alternative to embossing raised text. 

Bestype’s local business card printing technician will guide you in selecting the best materials and design choices for your thermographic business cards. 

Embossed business cards are a stylish, 3-dimensional representation to showcase your business. Embossing uses custom dies to push your logo and lettering from the back of the card.

The design passes through the layers of the card stock. The embossed images create a polished raised design and print on the front of the card, leaving depressions on the back.

Bestype’s business card NYC technicians are experts in creating both embossed and debossed designs and text for you on the same card. Debossing works in reverse, applying the special die to the front of the card, creating sunken letters and images.

The embossing and debossing techniques are different from raised ink printing. Raising the ink results in a smooth, flat surface on your card’s back. Embossing adds a debossed texture to the back of the card.

Embossing is a delicate process. Different card thicknesses and textures affect how well the technique works with the stock you’ve chosen. Your technician will advise you about the best materials to use for your embossed business cards and aid in design. 


The Local Business Printing Advantage

Bestype knows that many national companies promise discount business card printing, including fast turnaround on simple digital printing orders. But Bestype believes for most New Yorkers in need of a business card, that our traditional business card design and printing experience is superior in four ways:

  1. Local is faster. Internet retailers receive thousands of rush orders every day. Local business printing shops can print your business cards faster than the chains and internet retailers, including your special-order cards. You will receive your order quicker by placing it with Bestype.
  2. Local means better customer support. When you contact Bestype, you will have access to your technical and design representative, who can guide you through your project. Unlike the national chains who may farm their customer service work to a call center, Bestype’s technicians answer our lines. Someone will always be available to discuss your project’s details when you call during our extended business hours. You are also welcome to drop by and discuss your project with us.
  3. Local means building relationships over time. There’s an advantage to building trust in your relationship with your local business printer. Bestype’s printing technicians know that you expect your order to be perfect and you will be able to check the quality of your order. If your order isn’t perfect, we will fix the problems. We work with you during every step of printing and production to ensure that the items we print match your intent and imagination.
  4. Local NYC business card orders support businesses right here in your community. New Yorkers own and operate Bestype and share in a commitment to our city’s creative and business communities.Keeping your order of business cardsin NYC helps support our custom-printing technicians and the local vendors we purchase from to produce your order.


Why We Still Need Business Card Printing 

The ritual of trading these small slips of printed cardstock is an essential part of business etiquette. Business cards establish new business relationships. Business cards don’t disappear until you accidentally lose the one you need. And you’re looking for the one you’ve lost because the business card did its job well. 

Business cards are great marketing tools. They’re small and portable. Textures and feel can sell as well as words when you place a card into someone’s hand. Striking business card designs etch themselves into memories — your prospect will remember your face, your company, and your service. They may not need what your card is selling at the moment, but someday maybe they will — and your card will be ready and available.

Business cards start new relationships. Exchanging business cards makes networking more straightforward, even if trading cards is a “hey, let me give you my card” afterthought. When people trade their business cards, it’s a personal transaction that hopefully leads to a genuine, lasting personal connection and a potential to do business together. 

Trading business cards is easy and fast. Business cards are the simplest, least expensive, and quickest way to tell someone how to contact you. When you introduce yourself to someone new, swapping cards is the fastest way to exchange email addresses, phone numbers, and website information. Sharing business cards is quicker than tapping smartphone keys.

There is still such a thing as a free lunch! Business cards are still the de-facto entry ticket for random drawings in restaurants and trade show contests. You never know what you might win!


Same Day and RUSH Orders

There will always be that stress-filled moment when you run out of business cards right before you need one hundred of them. Sometimes you will have last-minute meetings, conventions, and shows on the calendar and find out that your stash has dwindled to a handful of cards. That’s not enough for your networking event or the show at the Javits Center or Hilton. You need new cards, fast.

Bestype prints standard full-color business cards within 4 to 6 hours, using digital design and classic finishes. Your business card can be front and back (2-sided printing), odd-sized, and include full-bleed and your choice of digital-printer-friendly stock. We can often accommodate same-day and expedited orders for offset business card printing, thermography, engraving, embossing, and foil printing. Contact us to discuss your special order in detail, and our technicians will let you know if we can accommodate your special request with a quick turnaround.

For most orders, Bestype can print your cards between 1 hour and 5 business days. Simpler designs result in shorter production and printing time. 


Why Choose Bestype Printing NYC for Your Business Cards?

Whether your business card involves embossing and debossing, unique die-cuts, or thermography, we will design and print your business card. Are you down to your last few intricate business cards designed by another printer but don’t have access to the original design order? We can replicate your current card’s design and apply the finishing techniques that match your current card perfectly. 

When you are ready to design and print your business cards, contact us with a quick phone call or visit us in our convenient Soho neighborhood print shop. Business card design and print specialists will always be available to help you design a spectacular business card that matches your visual and textural conception. Bestype believes that how a business card feels is as important as how it looks. We want each card to capture your imaginative marketing ideas.

We carry a full range of products and tools to create your cards. We do not outsource any labor, and all work on your order is performed in-house by our team.

We will create a sample card for you. If you’re happy with your sample, we’ll print your order. If we encounter design flaws while producing your sample, we will let you know and work with you to create the perfect business card. We won’t print your order until we know you will be pleased with your result. 

Once your order is ready, you can pick up your cards from our shop, or we can arrange delivery by ground or air services, USPS mail, or even through courier and messenger services. 

Let us show you why New York’s creative industry leaders trust Bestype with their business cards, stationery, and marketing printing projects. Connect with us by email or phone for a free quote or visit us at our Soho location for a free consultation that will elevate your business card marketing.