New York City is an exciting city filled with restaurants, global events, shopping, and the arts. Along with a bustling city comes intense competition, which is why retailers and event organizers rely on striking graphics and signage as a part of their brand. Local printers actively work with businesses across New York to design and create colorful print marketing to attract customers and event attendees.

Banners are a cost-effective way to communicate your message to large numbers of people. Their versatility is the main factor that makes them so effective; they can be printed in various colors, designs, and shapes. Additionally, banners can be hung at every single event, whether it be a sporting event or a conference. Advertisers and event organizers can all benefit from the large event signage printing services offered by Bestype. Our flexible options make it easy for you to customize your print marketing and make your event a success.

Other event graphics in NYC include conference event signage and retail digital signage, which Bestype can also help you customize to match your company’s colors and logo. We also specialize in printing smaller materials such as invitations, directional signs, and flyers. Additionally, we assist with setting up or installing your print marketing so your graphics stay safe; we will also include sleeves and weights to protect your prints from getting damaged on a windy or rainy day.


Retail Graphics Printing

New York City is a hub for fashion, from high-end designers and world-renowned department stores to small neighborhood retailers. Having expressive retail graphics printing for your location is a guaranteed way to draw customers in. Bright, vibrant colors can easily make your store more noticeable than if you were to use only digital media. For example, department stores rely on large window signage to attract shoppers during seasonal events, such as Christmas or Black Friday. With over 40 years of experience, Bestype can expertly handle all your retail graphics printing needs — large or small — for everyday shopping or seasonal events.

Local stores can also benefit from retail graphics printing. Supporting small businesses in your community has always been important, but has become even more so over the past year. Each store is unique, which is why partnering with a local printer to create custom, eye-catching banners, window signage, and sidewalk boards can help you bring your brand to life. Bestype can also provide you with brochures and business cards to keep inside your store for your customers.

Since digital marketing has become an increasingly popular option for businesses, retail digital signage is also in high demand. Times Square, for instance, is where New Yorkers and tourists view ads for all the shopping the city has to offer. Bestype is committed to keeping up with the latest technology so we can help our clients reach a wider audience.


Large Event Signage

With New York being home to some of the most world-renowned events, it’s important for companies and organizers to invest in unique event signage that represents your brand. For example, New York Fashion week is an iconic event which requires various types of print marketing. Organizers use bold banners outside the venue, lookbooks for the designers, and programs for the guests so the event can run smoothly and beautifully.

The New York City Marathon is another acclaimed event which requires large event signage. Companies from across the country use the New York City Marathon as an opportunity to advertise. As a local printer, Bestype can assist these companies with printing different types of large format banners. These could include roll-up banners, which are easily transportable. Alternatively, clients have the option to use durable track banners, which hold up in all types of weather conditions. Companies could also include colorful flyers for their stands and marketing collateral to put in gift bags.

After decades in the printing industry, Bestype specializes in producing print marketing in large volumes, on both flexible and tight deadlines. Our clients in our community and outside the city rely on us to make sure their prints are perfect and delivered on time.


Conference Event Signage

Large corporations, medium-sized firms, and independent businesses all contribute to the bustling nature of New York City. From creative industries to financial organizations, people travel to New York on business from across the country and around the globe. This means that different types of event graphics in NYC are extremely valuable for the myriad varieties of conferences held here.

If you are hosting a conference, the two primary pieces of print marketing you will need are indoor and outdoor display banners to indicate the name and date of the conference. Secondly, providing attendees with name badges, programs, and other marketing prints is an effective way to ensure they’re engaged, as well as to successfully keep the conference on track.

At Bestype, we can advise you on which materials are most durable depending on the season and length of your conference. For example, fabric and vinyl banners are known for being long lasting, therefore, you won’t need to worry about damaged or lost prints.


Event Signage and Retail Graphic Printing

Invitations and Unique Event Signage

A special event calls for special prints. At Bestype, we have assisted our clients with designing and printing unique invitations for weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, and more. Wedding invitations, for instance, might require specific colors or patterns depending on the client’s culture. Baby shower invitations, on the other hand, typically have lighter colors and simple patterns.

Our technicians and designers have the expertise to print high-quality invitations that strongly represent your personality and celebration. Additionally, if you need some direction on what type of paper to use, which designs would be most impactful, or how different colors work together, Bestype is here to support you.

For a less formal occasion, yard signs are a great way to represent your event. They can even be customized to compliment your invitations and other printing by using similar colors, shapes, and materials. For a holiday or special celebration, we could print customized lawn flags for you to incorporate into your event; for example, printing flags with your child’s name and image to celebrate an important graduation would add an extra touch to your party.


Directional and Safety Signage

No matter how large or small your space is, forgoing directional signage can lead to a lot of unnecessary hassle. A local printer can assist you by designing and printing clear “entry” and “exit” signs; they can also handle a large order for indoor direction boards stickers, and signs.

Clear directions for both indoor and outdoor settings have become increasingly important during the COVID-19 pandemic. For retailers and event organizers to comply with local laws and keep their visitors safe, ordering appropriate signage that will give visitors clear instructions on health and safety precautions is important. For instance, a retail store might need a door sign indicating the maximum number of people allowed inside; a small event could need stickers to block off seats to ensure attendees keep their distance from one another.

Bestype understands how important it is for our clients to look out for their customers, especially during a pandemic. Our advanced printing technology allows us to produce a large variety of signage to consistently keep your business safe and organized.


How Bestype Can Help you Create Retail Graphics and Event Signage

Bestype is a proud member of the New York City SoHo community. Founded in 1978 as a centre for student graphic designers, the print shop quickly grew into the city’s premier printing solutions provider. We believe strongly in partnering with our clients to create unique event signage as opposed to simply delivering a product. By guiding our clients through their different options for graphics, color, materials, and more, you are guaranteed to get the best results for your brand. This means ensuring the images and text fit perfectly with the width and height of the print material. We also want to make sure you are happy with the final product, which is why you are welcome to stop by our shop to check on your prints. We offer a large range of services, including:

  • Window signs
  • Flyers
  • Banners
  • Lookbooks
  • Menus
  • Posters
  • Business cards
  • Invitations

Bestype only works with experienced technicians and state-of-the-art technology to deliver high quality event graphics in NYC. All our printing is done in house and we exclusively partner with local suppliers, meaning your prints will never be delayed as they might be if you ordered from a third party. This also allows us to provide you with special services like rush and same day printing, which can be extremely helpful for busy professionals who are faced with a last minute event or meeting.

To help you save more time, we have created a seamless online ordering system. Simply submit the details of your project and let us take care of the rest. Contact us today for more information and a customized quote!