Your business marketing and advertising rely on custom postcards to get your promotions in front of customers old and new. When New York’s business owners think about the best place to get postcards printed, they know that Bestype Imaging is there to support them. Our customers never need to ask themselves, “Who can I find to perfectly print my postcard?” We are the postcard printing NYC local resource for hundreds of retailers, service providers, and many other businesses that need a quick turnaround on their projects. Instead of looking for options to print postcards online, you can count on Bestype Imaging to do the job quicker and faster. Every time you print postcard projects with us, we deliver uniformly high-quality results. We do our best to eliminate all your scheduling stress.

Bestype’s Custom Postcards

Single or double-sided postcards are the workhorse of promotional mailings and giveaways. High-volume postcard printing uses our offset printing technology to make the most of full CYMK color matching. There’s no better way to make your custom postcards stand out in a crowded mailbox. But you’re not limited to offset printing — digitally printed cards are great for smaller print runs that aren’t as dependent on image detail.

You can choose many different sizes and styles of postcards, with different paper types to fit your needs and budget. Bestype’s technicians can apply different coating options to finish your postcard. They can trim your cards with rounded corners or apply unique designs, foils, and other embellishments to make your card enticingly different. When every marketer seeks postcard printing NYC attention, uniqueness helps your mailing get noticed!

Here’s How You Get Postcards Printed

When you need to print postcard mailing projects, Bestype is here to help you at every stage of the process. Please visit us in our conveniently-located SOHO print shop during our weekday business hours — you can meet with a technician to plan out your project. We will help you finalize the concept for your postcard printing order and guide you through choices that will help you produce your best mailing. We’ll print samples so that you can experience exactly what your final pieces will look and feel like. You’ll have the opportunity to make changes before we commit your custom postcards to our presses. We can schedule your printing and delivery dates around the calendar. Rush printing services are also available for those last minute marketing push projects.

Quality and Style for Any Postcard Mailing

Typical postcard printing projects use 1 or 2-sided printing on these kinds of materials:

  • 14 pt. uncoated cardstock
  • 12 pt. gloss cardstock
  • 16 pt. gloss matte cardstock

Choose a Custom Postcard Size

The United States Postal Service offers postcard mailing rates but places specific limitations on size and shape. If you want your mailing to qualify for this rate, you need to consider their criteria before you design and print postcard files. Your mailing pieces must:

  • Be rectangular
  • Measure at least 3 1/2″ x 5″ and 0.007″ thick
  • At max, measure no more than 4 1/4″ x 6″ x 0.16″ thick

If you choose a thicker cardstock weight, go larger, or want a custom shape, you can still mail your postcard, but different postage rates will apply.

Bestype Imaging most commonly prints 4″ x 6″ postcards, perfect for mailing and giving away at any event. Some customers go larger: 5″ x 7″ and 5.5″ x 8.5″ will give you more real estate to highlight your graphics and also let you include a little more information about your company, brand, and offer. You can even go bigger: 6″ x 9″ postcards offer even more space for your tantalizing deal message.

Pick Your Custom Postcards’ Paper Weight and Finish

Marketers understand that people subconsciously judge the sender when they hold printed matter based on cardstock weights, gloss, and font style choices. When you consider the question, “How should I print my postcard?” you should be thinking about paper, texture, and feel — your choice of cardstock makes a subtle impression when your recipient holds your card. You can choose 14 pt. uncoated cardstock, which accepts pencil, marker, ballpoint, and gel ink for note taking directly on the card. We can apply a coating to the image portion of the card to make it shine. But you’re not limited to this popular style. Many customers opt for 14 pt. gloss cardstock which lends a sheen to cards’ fronts and backs. Other customers decide to print their custom postcards on 16 pt. gloss matte cardstock — this gives each card a very luxurious feel and a chic visual elegance.

Design Your Card

If you already have designs and messages you want to print but need help laying out your postcard, our printing experts are here to support you. Bestype’s technicians will help you adapt your design for full bleed, offset printing. We also offer templates to help you quickly design your perfect custom postcard and get your message into mailboxes.

Choose Your Delivery Date

If you have a promotional schedule in mind, we can work together to make sure your different mail pieces are ready when you are! It’s easy to work with us and get our custom postcard printing technology to work for you. However, your brilliant promotional idea might need to be mailed as soon as tomorrow! Rush printing services are available to capture creative lightning in a bottle.

How Do We Get Postcards Printed Fast?

No matter how large or small your postcard printing project, Bestype will print your order entirely in-house. We don’t outsource. Our commitment to printing every project ourselves means we will print your order fast. We make space in our production schedule to accommodate next-day and even same-day orders.

“Print postcards online” offers and big-box retail printing departments often can’t process and print your order as quickly as your local print shop can. At Bestype Imaging, we have an inventory of every possible cardstock, finish, and tool we need. Having an ample supply of items on hand ensures that any creative postcard printing idea can quickly run through our presses and finishers.

Why Choose Bestype Imaging to Get Postcards Printed?

Having over 40 years of experience in printing for every conceivable business and organization in NYC has provided us with a depth of experience that most print shops only dream about developing. We love innovating to match our customers’ creativity. When you search for the best place to get postcards printed, we know we can deliver the highest quality postcards for your project, fast and hassle-free.

Let’s Design and Print Your Next Order of Custom Postcards

Do you need postcard printing NYC-fast and exceeding NYC quality standards? Bestype’s postcard printing expertise offers you skills, technology, and experience for your next marketing and promotional projects. Contact us today about how we can help you print your next design quickly and accurately.