Even in a digital world, traditional print marketing still makes a strong impression on your audience. Bestype Printing has established itself as New York’s premier printing solutions provider by delivering high-quality materials for the marketing and advertising industry. We have taken on complex projects under tight deadlines, all while offering a personalized, hands-on approach. We pride ourselves on building and maintaining strong relationships in our vibrant city. Our passion for serving our community means we constantly strive for customer satisfaction, which is why we do all our printing in-house, and welcome our clients to stop by our store to check up on their samples.


Print Services & Products for the Marketing & Advertising Industry

Bestype offers a variety of marketing and advertising printing services for businesses in NYC, from retailers to restaurants and even high-end fashion designers! With our reliable printing services, you can rest easy knowing we will deliver an exceptional product within the agreed upon time frame. Our services include:



Brochures are a cost-effective way to showcase your brand to your audience. They are extremely versatile and can be used at trade shows, in-house, or even be sent via direct mail. This gives you the opportunity to cast a wider reach and create brand awareness outside of your neighborhood or city.

At Bestype, we are committed to taking your ideas and creating customized marketing material that is unique to your business. We will take your lead, so if you already have designs, we will print them out without a design consultation. If you don’t need color printing or are on a budget, we’re happy to provide black and white printing services.

We can even add a special, eye-catching finishing to your brochure that will make it stand out.


Annual Reports

Inconsistencies on your printing materials can easily make your business look unprofessional, and annual reports are no different. Unaligned spreadsheets and color errors will overshadow your impressive numbers. Bestype wants all their clients to succeed, which is why we offer high-quality digital printing and offset printing for large-volume projects.

Also, don’t forget to ask us about our finishing options!

Print and Marketing Solutions for the Marketing & Advertising Industry


If you have an exciting event coming up and want to get the word out cost-effectively and quickly, flyers are the way to go. At Bestype, we will help you design and print flyers unique to your event or brand, making it instantly recognizable. From design to paper choice, we are here to help bring your vision to life.


Point-of-Purchase Materials

Point of purchase materials are guaranteed to make a huge impact on your audience. Large seasonal displays in department store windows and bold counter signage are two examples of effective point of purchase marketing materials. Our print and marketing professionals will help you create a message that will resonate with everyone.

Let our team assist you with communicating your message through a brochure, booklet, or sales sheet that will draw in your readers. We work with small local businesses, large corporations, and everyone in between.


Banners and Posters

Whether you are in a competitive market or an exclusive niche, bright and colorful banners are a sure way to grab your readers’ attention. We offer custom, vinyl banner printing services for your event which can be printed on a variety of paper types, sizes, and finishes. Our printing professionals usually use 24 x 36-inch satin paper that includes lamination and mounting.


Business Cards

Are you worried that a new connection or customer won’t remember you? After all, they meet so many people everyday. To make a lasting impression, you need a business card that is unique to your personality or brand. At Bestype, we use offset or digital printing equipment to create high-quality business cards to do exactly that. We can provide you with various finishes including lamination or create rounded corners for extra visual impact. Contact us today to enquire about other custom features for your business cards!


Advertising Printing Services

In a city like New York where tourists and residents alike can find any food type, retailer or cultural experience requires businesses to have strong print advertising that instantly connects with their audience. At Bestype Printing, we don’t only print your brochure, flyers, and posters; we partner with you throughout the initial design stage all the way to reviewing the samples and delivering the final product. We even provide rush printing services, which is easy with our in-house printing services. You don’t have to worry about delays. Just focus on the other important aspects of your event and let us take care of the printing process.


Goals of Print Media in Advertising and Marketing

The main goal of print media in advertising and marketing is so businesses of all sizes can reach their goals by drawing attention to their brand. A department store might want customers to come in and shop their sale, or a restaurant might want diners to try their new menu. Online advertising definitely offers businesses endless advertising opportunities, but in busy New York City, they need bold print media to represent their brand and compete in their market.

Brochures and flyers printing