You’ve spent many hours perfecting your latest manual or handbook. How you print your manual is as important as writing concise sections and drawing functional diagrams. Bestype’s custom manual printing strategic plan begins with your end in mind. Our goal: print and bind your document in ways that work for whatever your work is.

Manual Printing, Customized

Excellence in custom manual printing means content prints accurately and charts, tables, and diagrams are represented clearly. We provide extra assistance for your project whenever and however you need our help. You will have greater access to your printing team’s support and know what’s happening with your order at every stage through printing with Bestype.

Manual Printing, Localized

With over 40 years of serving our neighborhood businesses in Soho and throughout New York City, we understand creating complicated technical business documents. We know how to print a manual for every industry that calls New York home. We’ve completed thousands of projects such as helping managers take advantage of training manual printing services during fast-paced hiring seasons. Local customer service and constant communication are keys to your project’s success. We’ll plan your custom manual printing project when you call us or walk through our doors.

Manual Printing, Strategized

Your custom manual printing project starts with your complimentary consultation and project quote. We’ll put together an action plan by mapping out your project and creating a deliverable timeline. You’ll receive answers about how to print a manual with Bestype, such as:

  • How do I decide between digital and offset printing?
  • Which paper and cover stock should I choose for my manual?
  • Is there a binding style that will help my manual lie flat when it’s open?
  • Can I add tabs to document sections?
  • Can I perforate pages in training manual printing?
  • How do I transfer my files to Bestype?
  • Can Bestype deliver copies to multiple locations?
  • Is there a way for my trainers and site managers to order customized print orders for their locations?

Your custom manual printing order comes together by choosing methods and materials:

Design Templates and Tips: Would you like extra help with laying out content for manual printing services? We offer design support, including templates that will help you create your manual. Our templates include layouts for popular word processing and desktop publishing software. We can even create a template that we will fill with your text and graphics. Ask your representative for more information about how we can help with your layout, formatting, and document design.

Paper, Cover, and Binding Options: You’ll select paper, cover stock, and a binding style. We have many samples for review which can inspire user-friendly design ideas.

Printing Method: Choosing between digital or offset printing depends on your project budget and time limit. Offset printing involves more set-up, but printing is fast. Digital printing is an option for smaller orders or when you need rush manual printing.

Finishing Services: If you want enhancements like inserted tabs or embellishments like embossed text, we’ll review these options with you.

Sample Proof: Our project plan includes timing your sample proof copy and receiving your changes before printing.

Pickup and Delivery Scheduling: We’ll let you know which options are available for your order, including courier delivery for smaller orders.

Manual Printing, Scrutinized

Unlike most big-box retail print stores or online printing services, Bestype monitors projects for quality assurance during every stage of production. You will have ample time to review your sample proof so that you can alter your documents and send the final versions to us. We want to make sure your documents are perfect before we print your copies. If you catch critical errors during proofreading, contact us and we can adjust the file. If we encounter unexpected technical issues, we will connect with you before we continue printing your order.

Manual Printing, Specialized

With online printing services, manuals are often just one more job in the long queue. At Bestype, our local focus helps us accommodate rush printing orders and offers extra help creating your documents. Online printers and many big-box retailers manage high volume, so they can’t always accommodate special requests. Bestype offers better customer service response time and gives you rush order options for next-day or same-day printing. These are things our online competition generally can’t do.

Manual Printing, Optimized

Bestype helps with local printing support for every project. We offer what New York businesses want in custom manual printing services — extra support for every project. We’ll print your training manuals, employee handbooks, policy guides, FAQs, and instruction booklets whenever you need them. Your next project starts with contacting us for a project quote and a complementary project consultation. Reach out to us today to learn how we can help you print your next business manual quickly and accurately.