Harnessing the power of print for everyone

When you need help getting a magazine, journal or pamphlet published, but you are unsure where to start, Bestype magazine printing services can guide you through every step of the process: layout, design, printing, and delivery.

Bestype Printing is the premier printing solutions provider in NYC for every member of the creative community. We print it all – whether your idea or project leads to a bound journal, a traditional magazine or newspaper, or a modern take on the ‘zine, Bestype Printing NYC technicians have the knowledge and experience to get your project in readers’ hands.


If you can dream it, we can ‘zine it


Use Bestype magazine printing services for any creative project that naturally would translate into a magazine-style format.


Business and not-for-profit

  • Print content marketing
  • Newsletters and newspapers
  • Entertainment guides
  • Press kits
  • Catalogs
  • Special event guides
  • School, parent association, and alumni news
  • Club newsletters
  • Community theater cast and show programs
  • Shopper news and coupon booklets
  • Retail holiday promotional magazines


Self-publishing and small press

  • Literature and poetry journals
  • Music, art and pop culture ‘zines
  • Fandom publishing
  • Comic books and graphic novels
  • Family newsletters


A local print shop resource for national publishers

New York City is indisputably America’s magazine publishing capital. Periodicals published with Manhattan-based mastheads still rely on the power of print to make a powerful impact that digital views can’t match. Our magazine printing company has supported the giants of periodical production for many years, through the help of our experienced production team. We help publications large and small meet their print and mailing deadlines wherever they are: in New York City or anywhere.


We make accessing magazine printing easy

We share our talent and technology with anyone who wants to publish. Your project can take advantage of the same resources. Our magazine printing services team will work alongside you to ensure accuracy and success.


The power of the (small) press

Our magazine printing company lets you harness the same power New York’s publishing community uses to produce their projects.

Creating and printing a magazine-style publication is more accessible to everyone than ever before. Whether you are launching your first music ‘zine or planning a new trade journal, Bestype’s magazine printing experts will lend their knowledge and experience to your ideas.


Everything you need under one roof, from design to delivery

Bestype is New York City’s full-service print shop for magazines, journals, press kits, catalogs, and any ‘zine project. We print brochures, catalogs, manuals, flyers, and newsletters for every kind of organization, large and small. When deadlines are tight and the clock is ticking, we offer rush printing to ensure that your literature gets printed and distributed on time.

Our magazine printing company stocks a complete inventory of the covers, paper, and ink, and harnesses powerful printing technology: everything you need for your project lives under our roof. Experts in magazine printing and production will work on your project in-house, with no outsourcing or subcontracting.


What Bestype magazine printing can accomplish for you

Your bound book, journal, or magazine needs to stand out and be as bold as your imagination. Our magazine printing services team works with you to ensure that your unique ideas for design and layout, graphics, materials, binding, and finishing align with your vision of what you want your magazine to be. We want your project to look great.

Magazines, journals, newsletters, and more can be personal or professional, creative or even commercial. Templates make creating a magazine for your family, school, or association easy. Businesses can also produce magazines to engage new audiences for their products and services. We can help you create any type and style of publication and get copies into your readers’ hands.


Magazine format printing

Bestype Magazine Company specializes in two popular methods of perfectly printing your publication.


Offset lithographic printing

New York’s publishing industry has traditionally relied on cost-effective, deadline-friendly offset lithographic printing, or “offset.” This method has been popular throughout the modern era of periodical printing from the twentieth century and onward. In offset printing, technicians transfer page layouts containing text and graphics onto offset lithographic printing plates. To print each page, printers run the plates through water and ink processes. Ink sticks to the plate areas that contain your content, and the water repels ink from areas intended to be “white space” or unprinted blank regions. Offset printing is exact and results in rich, tone-accurate images and sharp text, especially noticeable on glossy paper. While results are bound to be gorgeous, plates are permanent. When editors detect errors, new plates are necessary. When changes and corrections to typographical errors and content edits affect the entire layout of an article or section, printers create a new set of plates to update the whole document’s structure.


Digital printing

Today publishers are increasingly turning to digital printing to produce their literature with a quick PDF document export from a favorite desktop publishing application that handles all the layout and design. Digital printing is fast and nearly fool-proof: color matching of tones, lights and darks, becomes a computerized, pre-programmed process.

What the designer creates, the print shop produces, and the audience experiences — the digital printing experts at Bestype calibrate digital printers to ensure your original vision prints accurately. Printing digitally also delivers high-quality images on all kinds of paper, including the glossy paper many magazine publishers prefer.


book and magazine printing

New York’s magazine publishing’s resource

Using Bestype Magazine Services is the easiest way to get started in competitively publishing your new magazine. We’ve worked alongside the most prominent commercial publishers in New York City for decades, and we want to share our experience with you.

Bestype’s staff are experts in large printing projects, but short print runs of your project will always get the same kind of attention to detail and deadline.

We understand that matching design and layout with your concept, brand, and business is mission-critical to the success of your project. Going further, we share your need to precisely print your creations to your exact specifications — no detail is too small to print less than perfectly. No print run is too short to ignore.


Getting started: how magazine printing works


Step one: envision

Before you begin designing your next magazine printing project, we invite you to a simple sensory exercise. Step away from your screen for a moment and find a magazine you like. Observe how the weight of the magazine feels relative to its size and shape.

Find a comfortable chair or cushy sofa. Sit down with the magazine in your favorite chair for a minute and relax. Feel the cover and the interior pages. Are they glossy or matte? Open its cover, find the publisher’s masthead and the table of contents. Start flipping through the pages and observe how its contents flow across its pages and how ads interrupt the presentation. Watch for the editor’s layout patterns — ads, written content, illustrations and photography, more ads. You see columns, single and double, even triple.

Pluck or tear an insert from your magazine’s spine. Does a perforation attach it, or is it a loose card? If it’s a perfume tester, hold it up to your nose and sniff. Your insert might be another ad: a coupon, a try-me sample, or a direct-response postcard.

Continue to flip through the pages. Think about how the photography and page layout of each photograph, illustration, and verbal idea invites you to spend more time with the document you are holding in your hands.

Now, relax. Gather your inspirations and ideas and realize that you can create your magazine with a bit of help from a printer who understands how magazine publishers work their magic. Bestype magazine printing company wants to share these secrets with you.


Step two: engage

When your ideas are ready for the next step, a call to Bestype for consultation with one of our magazine production experts starts your magazine publishing journey. Your magazine printing services helper will guide you through the multiple options available in design and printing and note your choices. You choose the printing options that best suit what you want to create: digital printing or offset. We can even help select the templates you will need to complete your magazine building project — templates used by leading magazine publishers.

Because we understand how professional magazine publishing works, Bestype’s magazine printing experts will help you produce your most polished publication:

  • Expert design and layout consultation
  • Design troubleshooting
  • Paper and cover inventory
  • Digital and offset printing
  • Binding options including saddle-stitch, perfect, tape, and spiral
  • Insert production and packaging
  • Delivery and mailing logistic assistance
  • And much more


Step three: execute

When your idea is ready for us, contact Bestype’s friendly and enthusiastic magazine printing services team members for project consultation and a quote for everything you would like to see in your production and printing plan. We’ll start building your magazine or any other type of publication with you.

When your layout and content are ready to print, you can send us your content through our easy, convenient, and secure online system. Our printers will start the pre-press check and cleanup of the technical specifications of your magazine and produce a proof copy for your review before we go to press.

A visit to our shop may be the best way to review your proof. We provide convenient business hours at our Canal street location to come in and talk with us at any stage of your project. Options are available to mail or messenger your proofs if you live or work at a distance. Once you’ve given us your changes or your approval, we will start printing your run.

Shipping your magazines to your event, location, or bulk mailing service is the final step in your magazine publishing journey until your next issue. Bestype printing wants to make your magazine’s second issue as easy to produce as your premiere.


Final step: let’s get started

Now that you’ve learned how Bestype can make magazine magic happen with your ideas, we’re here to help you get your project printed. When you contact us, a representative will lend their enthusiasm about magazine production and printing to your ideas. We can take your magazine idea out of your imagination and into distribution. Contact us to start the presses rolling.