Large format printing, also known as wide format printing, uses Bestype’s largest printers to display messages in big ways! Bold and daring or straightforward and simple, large format printing always gets your message across!

High-resolution typography, photographs, and art make a lasting impression in wide format. Maybe you want large-format designs to add color to the walls of your restaurant or retail store. Or maybe you’re hosting an event and want to wow your guests with a memorable step-and-repeat banner. Whatever business you run, we’re here to help make sure your clients remember their experience through large format printing in NYC.


Where Can I Find Large Format Printing Near Me?

Bestype large format printing experts are right in the heart of SOHO. We’re a short hop by subway, bus, or cab from anywhere in Manhattan. Our conveniently located print shop is open Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM. Our technicians are available to guide you and offer assistance when you need it – we are here to help you make an impression in a big way.

You are invited to visit us in our SOHO print shop, where we would love to show you how we use large format printers to create all kinds of signs, banners, and other oversized items. You’ll see firsthand how quickly we can turn projects around.


What is Large Format Printing?

Large format printing refers to a printing process that produces graphics on a scale too large for most commercial printers. Most commercially available flatbed printers can’t handle larger projects —shops specializing in large format printing use state-of-the-art equipment that enables them to create high-quality results.

Projects using large format printing mostly hang flat, on a wall, or against a window. Designers also create folding or free-standing designs, which feed through the large format printer to receive ink — technicians assemble the objects later. Large format printers can transfer ink to many materials and substrates, including matte photo paper, cardboard, watercolor paper, cotton canvas, or artist textured vinyl. Technicians also know how to feed many other types of creative material through large format printers, including foam board, PVC piping, metal, canvas, fabric, and other materials.


Large Format Printing New York and Everywhere: Look Up, Look Around

To make an impact on the citizens of the Big Apple, advertisers think even bigger. Look up and around — you will see large format printing everywhere. NYC display advertising relies on large format printing. Graphic designers can vary the size of large format printed matter to match the machine’s widest output size.


What Projects are Perfect for Large Format Printing?

Bestype keeps pace with the huge display of creativity by New York’s community and anything advertising needs:

  • Full-color banners
  • Posters and photos
  • Hoarding graphics and barrier panels
  • Trade show displays and booth graphics
  • Vehicle wraps
  • Custom wallpaper
  • Glass decals and window clings
  • Way-finding, maps, and environmental graphics
  • Merchandise backdrops and point-of-purchase displays
  • Architectural, construction, and design blueprints
  • Outdoor signage including giant wraps
  • Real estate signs & banners
  • Pull-up banners


How Wide Can Large Format Printing Get?

We can accommodate a wide range of printing projects. Whether it’s something as simple as custom wrapping paper, posters, banners, or hoarding graphics and vinyl wraps, Bestype can accommodate your needs.

In general, wide format printing uses media anywhere from 18 to 100 inches wide. Thanks to digital printing advances, printers churn out projects with high clarity and vibrant colors. A stunning graphic design or custom artwork can be printed relatively quickly.


Large Format Printing

How Do I Get Started With Large Format Printing New York City’s Next Big Thing?

At Bestype, our experienced team devotes themselves to top-quality large format printing New York City’s posters, banners, signs, and hoarding graphics. The state-of-the-art equipment available in our Soho shop is here to help you create whatever large format printing project you can dream up.

When you contact us to request your quote and complimentary project consultation, you will be establishing an important relationship with Bestype. Our technicians help you achieve your goals of getting your designs printed accurately and going after the huge large format printing goal: giant-sized supremacy.

Our consultation with you will detail what you want to print and how you want to print it. We’ll also show you how to dream within your budget and find ways to design and print your project affordably.

If you’re not a designer, we’ve got you covered. We have various templates available to turn whatever you imagine into a finished large format printing design, ready to hang or use wherever you need it.

If you already have the design in mind for your large format printing project, our consultants will review a few important design principles to ensure a perfect print.

1. Perspective – How high do you want to display your object? From where will your viewers see or interact with your design?

2. Scale – We recommend scaling your image anywhere from 1/4 to 1/6th of its size while working with it on your computer, but how large would you like us to reproduce your graphic?

3. Unique materials – What materials would you like to use to print your graphic? We want to make sure we can print on your choice of material. Our technicians can offer similar alternatives in the rare event that our technology isn’t compatible with the exact type of fabric or substrate you want to use in your project.

4. Color check – We will double-check with you that the colors you’ve chosen for your large format printing project match as closely as possible with the design that appears on your monitor. We recommend selecting Pantone colors when you’re designing your project to achieve exact, color-calibrated results. Also, be aware of how your colors and materials look in sunlight, office light, and dim light, and how they are perceived by anyone viewing video or film versus what appears on your monitor while designing your project.

5. Fun with Fonts – Not every font face plays well with large-type printing. Serif fonts with delicate or fancy features may appear blurred when they’re blown up for wide format projects. Viewers may not be able to scan the letter shapes or discern words from a distance — kerning and alignment matter deeply to the success of your design.

6. App Choices – Many designers have a preference for working in either Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. In our opinion, Illustrator is more compatible with large format printing because it creates your images using vector graphics — we can scale these images and preserve their resolution.

7. Saving Your File – You can upload your file to us as either a .EPS (encapsulated Postscript) or .AI (Adobe Illustrator) file. Because these formats are vector files, we can work with you to scale them without pixilation and possible distortion of your image. You can send us a hybrid combination of your files, with your background saved as a bitmap image (.GIF or .JPG) created in any design application, and your more sophisticated images as .EPS or .AI vector formats.


Why Should I Choose Bestype For Large Format Printing?

Bestype’s printing specialists deeply understand how large format printing works and bring over 40 years of knowledge, experience, and wisdom to every job. Our team wants to form a flourishing working partnership with you that spans every project we create together.

When you connect with us, you’ll see the difference in how effectively we get your printing project exactly right. We will take the time to thoroughly understand your project and review all the details with you to ensure that we print your project correctly. We will exactly match your scale, calibrate colors to equal your original concept, and work with you so that your finished projects are a smashing triumph.

We truly treasure our neighbors and want to make large format printing NYC projects that effectively achieve every goal of your design. Whether you are an advertising and marketing pro or this is your first project, we want to work with you to get every detail right.

Visit us at our SOHO print shop to view a portfolio of the large format printing New York projects Bestype is involved in and talk with our technicians about your ideas. We always welcome visitors and want to work with you to capture your imagination and ideas and move them through our wide press.


Produce Your Large Format Printing Projects Perfectly With Bestype

Bestype wants you to trust us with your large format printing concept and relax – we’ll take care of printing your graphics flawlessly, every time.

When you reach out to us with your concept, a helpful and knowledgeable technician will guide you through all of the decisions you need to produce your final project. If you need help designing a large print project, we will help you decide on the best design, style, size, and materials to match your ideas. If you’ve already designed your project, we can show you tricks to make sure it works with our printing technology. We want to make sure that every element of your oversized project works well, prints excellently, and that you are happy with your prints.

Our consultation will give you an idea of how materials will function in ideal conditions and lighting. We will create a sample or prototype that you can review before we print your final items. When your large format item uses stands, poles, or mounts, we make sure they work – we test and test again once we’ve assembled your project.

After we complete your order you can swing by our shop to pick up orders yourself, or we can arrange for delivery. We know how trade shows and other events work, so if we need to send your order to a venue’s loading dock with your booth number, we can do that! Let us know your details, and we will make sure your order is at your exhibiting location when you arrive for your pre-show setup.


Let Bestype Produce Your Biggest, Baddest Large-Format Printing Challenge

Contact us today for a free consultation and project quote, and please stop by and visit us! Our wide format printing services are here for you, and our New York design team members are looking forward to helping you print your project. Contact us today – we’ll show you how easy large format printing projects can be when you work with Bestype.