Since 1978, Bestype’s custom label printing service for New York’s retailers has transformed our customers’ packaging. When you trust us with your specialty product label, our experts will work with you at every stage of development and printing. When you get your labels into action, your brand identity will stick in consumers’ memories.

NYC Business Label Printing

Bestype custom label printing helps you design and print all identifiers for product packaging and specialty uses. Our adhesive backing adheres your labels to practically any surface. Bestype’s specialty labels are used across grocery and foodservice, beverages, retail, manufacturing, and general business. We print:

  • Bottles, jar, and can labels
  • Box identifiers and barcode labels
  • Custom package stickers and seals
  • Mailing labels
  • Custom marketing stickers and decals

Custom Label Printing Styles, Sizes, and Shapes

Bestype’s custom label printing features two styles:

Cut-to-size labels are individual stickers that make great point-of-purchase, viral marketing giveaways.

Roll labels are easier to peel off from their backing than the cut-to-size strips. This makes roll labels a great choice for small batch retail where human beings may be applying them to product containers and packaging.

We print labels in standard sizes and shapes. But, NYC clients don’t often settle for “standard” label printing. Unusual sizes and die-cut label shapes are our specialties. Label facestock choices include standard paper, vinyl, and opaque or clear plastics. Metallic label paper is also a very popular choice. Bestype technicians creatively push boundaries where other label printing companies stop short.

Custom Label Printing for Varied Weather and Temperatures

Bestype’s label printing NYC customers often want labels to be easily removable or need extra-strength sticking power to withstand any temperature or weather condition. We offer adhesive backing ranging from the lightest to the heaviest grades. Whether vinyl, plastic composite, metallic, or paper, your label’s facestock also contributes to its lifecycle. Whatever style and stickiness you need, we have options for you. Our most popular label media choices include:

Indoor Use
70 lb. high-gloss standard label paper (UV)
4 mil. white, waterproof high-gloss vinyl (UV)

Outdoor, Waterproof, Weatherproof, Thermal-Sensitive
BOPP labels (Biaxially-Oriented (BO) Polypropylene (PP)
Estate brand label paper in textured, uncoated, or matte finishes

How to Print Labels With Bestype

When you bring your next custom label printing idea to Bestype, our representative will sit down with you to plan every detail and generate a price quote in a complimentary consultation.

Planning. We’ll ask in-depth questions about the custom labels you imagine, including their intended use and their lifespan and activities. Do you need your labels to be easy to remove by the consumer? Do they need to withstand kitchen heat lamps or remain readable after bathing in ice chips? We know the smallest details matter in custom label printing and design.

Design. You may already have a concept in mind for your label, and our technicians will translate your ideas into a template that you can use in your favorite illustration app. If you’ve already worked out a digital design, you can export and share your image files with us.

We’ll work together to customize your label shape, any die-cuts, and the size you need. Special UV and glossy coatings add layers of protection to each label, as well as shine. We’ll explain your different adhesive options and label facestock choices, including the strengths and benefits of each type.

We’ll also ask questions that determine how many labels you need to print for manufacturing each specific product, plus their variations. Do food products need ingredient and nutritional data labels? Would barcoding be helpful to your employees or customers? Supporting retailers has taught us not to leave any detail to chance. For custom label printing, NYC retail-specific applications mean analysis of every element that goes into each label.

Sample Proof. Once we finalize your technical design, we will print sample proofs of your label printing service order. We’ll scrutinize your labels, checking for errors in design replication, color correctness, text identification, and all details that matter. When you review your samples, you can test them in real-world situations. Call us to discuss any issues you encounter with your labels. We’ll make changes until you are happy and give us the go-ahead to print your label run.

Printing. Once we’ve printed your label order, we’ll apply any special finishes you’ve requested. Your finishing options include special die-cut trimming, protective or decorative coating, and other fine details you have requested. We’ll cut your labels and prepare them for delivery or pickup.

Delivery and Pickup. Picking up your small order is as easy as visiting Bestype Printing’s conveniently located shop in Soho during our normal weekday business hours. Alternatively, we can ship your order to any of your production sites.

Bestype Makes It Easy to Print Custom Labels

Find out why our approach to custom label printing is different from online label printing companies! We work diligently to ensure that every custom label printing order will be as unique as your brand. Contact us today about how we can help you print your next custom label series quickly and accurately.