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Trade show printing is a good way for a small and medium sized business to either stand out in the crowd. What they can overlook is that people who attend trade shows are just as likely to become overwhelmed and defeated as they are to make a perfect match with any one company. Note these tips for using trade show printing to avoid this pitfall, and make the connections necessary for more clients.

Trade Show Printing Set Up

An organization makes an impression immediately, so make it count. If design isn’t the strong point of the representative, then someone should be brought along to the trade show who can take the time to arrange and work with the space available. Trade show graphic and display printing in the right colors with official lettering can send the message that details matter. Table throws are available in custom colors with either the name printed directly on the cover or on a runner in a complementary color. If a logo is blue and white, then the primary cover color can be blue while the runner is white with the name in blue. A company also needs to think about how they’re displaying literature as well. Many will fan out pamphlets, brochures and flyers in a line, but there are also racks available in collapsible or vertical shapes. Racks can control how many brochures people take, and they simplify the look of the booth as well. They can be used to either catch the eye of a passerby or for space concerns. In Manhattan especially, there’s extremely stiff competition, so nothing is too small to overlook.

The Right Words, The Right Picture

In a perfect world, companies already have their approach mapped out months before they actually step foot in a convention hall. Sending postcards to a specific list beforehand can be used to get people excited about the presence of a company at the trade show. It reminds customers of a company in relationship to the show. The wording should be to the point, and the designs must be interesting enough that they’re not directly tossed into the trash. All the literature at the trade show must be colorful enough to make people want to check out what a company stands for. One warning with passing out brochures is to be careful with distribution. Companies want people to take a brochure to peruse it, not to shuffle it in with the rest of their literature. At that point, a business risks getting associated with clutter. Do not push brochures on people, but rather make the information easy to absorb before they leave the table. Trade show graphic printing is meant to be used in conjunction to personal relationships, not in place of.

A Follow-Up Strategy

Following up can be the only chance a company has to make the direct sale or get that all-important referral. Once the contact information is secured, small information packets that play off the original designs of the brochure can be sent out for the chance to hit that lasting impression needed for success.

Trade Show Printing Partner

Bestype Imaging is a digital print company in New York City, and has elevated countless businesses in making a mark in their trade show with trade show graphic and display printing. Look to us for advice and quality printing jobs at affordable prices for local small and medium sized businesses in the Manhattan area.


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