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When trying to make printing decisions, there’s a lot to take into account from the colors to how exactly a company should brand themselves. An owner must decide what they actually want to present to the public and how they want to do it. Offset printing transfers an image using plates, sheets and then finally to rollers, where each roller contains one specific type of ink. For the color in logos, offset printing also allows adjustment during the process to ensure consistency across campaigns.

Bestype Imaging can print in full color on practically any size or stock that a Manhattan business could possibly want. From administrative tools like estimate sheets and work orders to flyers, labels, brochures and newsletters for customers, Bestype Imaging can take a company’s ideas, art and original drawings and bring them to life through offset printing. Of course, this type of printing is not for every type of job. Here are the recommended top 5 best practices, so owners can plan accordingly.

1. 500+ Printing Jobs

If a marketer or owner needs more than 500 units in a printing job, then offset printing is the way to go. Because this process involves several steps, it really makes sense for the larger jobs. In Manhattan, people are bombarded with information coming from every angle, so sometimes an owner needs to employ repetition and memorable artwork and images to have the chance of being heard. Otherwise, consider digital printing for smaller jobs.

2. When Only Quality Will Do

Offset printing requires expertise to get it right, but it comes with the reward of a higher quality image. The attention to detail shows just how highly the company values their goods and services as well as their potential customers.

3. Razor Sharp Color Control

As mentioned above, offset printing offers more chances to manipulate within color shades than other types of printing do. Colors need to be mixed, and there’s more room for variation than one might think. A magenta may look different from one batch to the next which can negatively affect the impression customers have of the company. Bestype Imaging can use the Pantone Matching System which standardizes colors, so a company will always look professional when it comes to their materials.

4. Texture and Technique

There are more options when offset printing is chosen, depending on what type of texture an owner desires for the final product. Whether it needs to be glossy or dull, offset printing can make it happen. Use a variety of printing techniques to customize the results too. Bestype Imaging can advise on the best ways to get the look customers want. An additional tip would be to choose offset printing when all data is exactly the same during the printing job. Digital printing would be a better choice if one needed variety on each unit (e.g., location-specific flyers, etc.)

5. The Bigger the Better

Offset printing is perfect for when an owner needs unconventional sizes. For larger posters or formats, there’s the option to use a larger press to fit everything perfectly to scale.

Offset printing is generally more expensive because it is so labor intensive. However, business owners will instantly see the difference in quality. When only the best will do in advertising and documents, then Bestype Imaging recommends using this method to have the best chance of success.

Bestype Imaging offers custom Digital + Offset + Large Format Printing services in NYC that enable local NYC businesses to create personalized materials that reach their target audience. For more information on how custom window graphic printing can help your business call 212.966.6886 or visit www.bestypeimaging.com.

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