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White reflects every color of the spectrum while black absorbs them. It’s no wonder the two have become standards when it comes to paper. The contrast of black ink on a white surface makes the print easy to read, clear and can draw our eyes to the most important points. However, at this point it’s become so commonplace that it can lose people’s attention before it’s even been captured. Whether a company or individual has had a specific brand for years or they’re just starting to form an identity, trying different tactics while still maintaining the integrity of the branding can be a smart marketing strategy. Changing certain details up a little can draw people in so that the presenter can quickly make the point for a simple take-away. If there’s a presentation, meeting or even a scholarly university project, then perhaps using black (or very dark) stock with white ink may instead be a superior solution.

A Change in Perspective

Subtle shifts can have major impacts when it comes to getting people to remember what’s important. Competing for a target audience’s attention nowadays is no simple task, whether informing them of proper safety procedures or of the latest sale. Using thick stock adds a certain weight of importance to the message, even if it’s just to make people laugh. One technique would be to make the bottom section of the presentation or sign feature the details of the message on a white background with black ink, though to make the key point in the opposite color scheme: white ink on a black background. The difference will be immediately recognizable to the viewer and center people in on the concise portion. They can then select to investigate further on the bottom portion. Or a marketer could switch that up as well and choose to put the focal point at the bottom with the details at the top. Whatever is decided upon, the creator will need to view it from the viewer’s vantage point to see which areas are highlighted.

The Psychology of Color

There’s a reason consumers don’t walk into a hardware store and see a bright pink hammer since black and grey connote a sense of seriousness to the buyer. The vendor intention if for the potential consumer to identify that their tools will get to get the job done — whatever that may happen to be. White ink can project a feeling across to people too. The tech giant Apple is best known for using white to convey the message to consumers that their products as crisp, efficient and modern. That blinding white box has become synonymous with a well-made product that is at the top of people’s gift lists. Having the right branding is essential, whether running a Fortune 500 or owning a local store.

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