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Some people see walls as boring structures that hold the ceiling up or merely something to hang photos from, but there’s another opportunity here: to cover it with a work of art. It’s can be an amazing canvas, but it’s unfortunately overlooked far too often. The right design has the potential to change the attitudes to a company from both its employees and its customers. Bestype Imaging has the creativity and the vision to turn any wall into a personalized version of the company’s values, philosophies and more. Regardless of whether Bestype Imaging handles a small clothing shop or a huge technical conglomerate, here are just a few tips to give the walls some personality.

Vinyl Decals

For those who feature seasonal merchandise or major venue changes between trade shows, or even just for those who often change their minds about what they want the feel of the room to be, there are vinyl decals which can be easily removed when it comes time to move out or for a change of scenery. These are perfect for when a company wants to refocus people’s attention to anything new, much like coffee shops and retail stores will do elaborate holiday displays. These pictures are not only evocative but can have an effect on one’s buying decisions as their eyes are drawn to what’s new and hot right now. Bestype Imaging has the resources and marketing knowledge to give valuable tips and insight into how best use vinyl decals to the company’s best advantage. It can feel like a whole new business to a person every month which makes every visit fresh and exciting, with the customer still knowing they’ll receive the same excellent customer service, product and attention to detail.

Professional Installation

Even if there are hobbyists who love to paint and design employed at a company, most busy employees at any level don’t have the time or energy to complete these huge projects. Professional installation can transform walls without all the hassle, and Bestype Imaging has the staff and the experience to get it done right the first time. Local New York City restaurants, retail stores, coffee shops, homeowners, and artists shops alike trust us with their digital printing needs. We’re committed to use our skills to fit a variety of printing services in New York City for mom and pop shops, tech companies, bakeries, apartment dwellers: we’ve serviced all types of people who want vastly things. When a company come through our door with the need to attract more customers and create a more welcoming environment, we put the focus on the client and do the work until they’re satisfied.

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