Have you ever asked yourself, “how can I print my comic book?” Bestype has decades of experience championing the independent comic book printing NYC community. Independent graphic artists are the stars of contemporary comic book printing. So, are you ready to share your characters and cosmos with the world? Our experts will guide you through production and how comic books are printed.

You can easily self-publish comic book single issues, series, graphic novels, or manga through affordable comic book printing services. We’ll show you how to maximize your project’s budget to make your graphics-intense work of art accessible and affordable. Your story will find your fandom! We’re here to help every narrative find its way onto the page.

How Comic Books are Printed

Your groundbreaking comic book starts with your hero, some conflict, and a villain. Give your characters involving backstories, and take your readers along for an immersive journey! Write tight dialogue — writing and world design are as important as striking artwork.

Some comic book creators prefer working traditionally as opposed to digitally. Suppose you prefer drawing, inking, and lettering on an artboard. In that case, we’ll give you tips to make the most of each digital page scan. Whatever your layout, we’ll help you set up your interior page margins, gutters, and image resolution to print your project.

Your comic book printing choices include full-color graphics printing or black and white. Size and layout options include standard western comic book formatting or manga — your book’s style is up to you. You can print your issues using fast, digital printing or utilize traditional lithographic offset comic book printing.

Comic Book Size

US comic book publishers typically choose 6.625″ x 10.25″ (to fit in standard display racks), but your book can be as small as 5.5″ x 7.75″ or go jumbo at 9″ x 12″.

Paper and Covers

Most commercial comic books use interior offset paper combined with glossy or matte cover stock. Still, your choices in cover and interiors are up to you. We offer a full range of cover stock, interior page weights, and finishes to match any project budget.

Binding Styles

Your comic book’s binding options include popular traditional comic book stitch-binding, softcover graphic novel formatting, and hardcover styles.

Saddle stitch (staple) binding is economical and effective for shorter books containing 64 pages or less.

Perfect binding (square binding) uses glue to stick pages into a spine and cover. Perfect binding invites multiple reads!

Case binding (hardcover) works great for your most special projects or as gifts for friends and family.

Choosing Your Printing Methodology

Comic book printing services are available in full-color and black and white. You can opt for full-color covers and keep your inside pages black and white (or grayscale) — however you decide your story works best, we want to print for you. Digital printing is the most economical choice for short runs of comic books. Choose offset printing for larger independent projects. We’ll help you choose the printing method that works best to print your comic book.

Promoting Your Comic Book

Bestype’s wide format printing services deliver promotional signage for every comic book marketing opportunity. Use signage at every book signing or exhibition you attend. Offer your characters for sale! Our fine art printing services capture favorite covers and panels to render as detailed comic book art prints. Use your original art as:

  • banners
  • tabletop and standup signs
  • screen printing items including mugs, button inserts, t-shirts, and more
  • posters and fabric hangs
  • fine art lithographs and giclée prints
  • vinyl wraps
  • promotional stickers, decals, and window clings

Printing Your Comic Book

With decades of comic book printing NYC community projects under our belt, we’ve got many exciting sample projects that we’re dying to show you. Get in touch with us for your complimentary consultation. When we guide you through every phase of your project, we’ll show you best practices and share tips on how comic books are printed by the masters. Learn how to:

  • Get art from digital files or hand-drawn graphics to us.
  • Choose your comic book format and printing options.
  • Review your sample comic proof copy and make changes before final printing.
  • Schedule your project’s printing and use rush printing services.
  • Pick up your books, or have couriers deliver your comic order to bulk mailing services or to your local event.

Contact us today about how we can help you print your comic book quickly and accurately. We’ll gladly answer all questions, including “how do I print my comic book?”