When your NYC business or organization needs to compile documents into a bound format, Bestype’s bookbinding experts know how to deliver your project quickly, efficiently, accurately, and durably. While many print shops don’t include professional, custom bookbinding among their services, at Bestype, we know how important it is to bring the same level of high-quality care to every element of your print projects. Our clients rely on Bestype’s combination of great technology and unparalleled customer service to provide bookbinding solutions for an easy and hassle-free experience. Bestype’s printing and binding experts want to help you get your bound materials into the hands of your readers, learners, buyers, and patrons — quickly. Easily. Painlessly. Worry-free.


What is bookbinding?

Bookbinding involves assembling documents into a compiled form and then binding the pages into a joined document that stays together as a collection in the reader’s hand: assembling a book. Bookbinding projects go beyond hardcover books and softcover manuals. A custom bookbinding project for a NYC marketer, artist, or business owner may include saddle-stitched glossy-paper pamphlets and brochures. Or, your company may want to distribute coil-bound customized lined notebooks featuring branding and embossed logos. The possibilities are endless.


Who uses bookbinding services in NYC?

Many of our bookbinding clients are NYC industrial and educational organizations, but any organization or individual can use our professional bookbinding services for their projects.

Bestype can print, assemble, and bind all types of documents, books, and magazines for any industry and field, including producing books for private use and self-publishing:

  • Saddle-stitched brochures, pamphlets, and magazines
  • Comb and wire-bound manuals
  • Softbound directories, catalogs, journals, and classroom texts
  • Legal documents, contracts, and business proposals
  • Hardbound library and archival documents
  • Community booklets, songbooks, and congregational hymnals
  • Instructions and owner manuals
  • Fiction, non-fiction, and poetry 
  • Recipe collections
  • And much more!

Whatever you need to print and bind, we complete your bookbinding project using the tools, techniques, technology, and insight of our bookbinding experts to turn your project around quickly and professionally.

Accurate typography, layout, and color matching are as crucial to us as they are to you. We want to make sure your final product matches your initial vision and technical specifications. And we’re here to guide you through every step of the process, helping you choose the best material and techniques to match your expectations for your final product.


Everything under one cover makes custom bookbinding a breeze.

Bestype’s experts in printing and bookbinding help make bound document production easy. Because we manage every element of your project in-house with no outsourcing,

Bestype’s bookbinding services offer everything busy NYC creatives, businesses, and marketers need to get bound copies of your literature into the hands of your intended audiences.

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How to get started?

When you first contact Bestype about your printing and bookbinding project, your representative will guide you through all of the options available for your type of finished book. It’s our goal to form a partnership with you that results in a final book, magazine, or other creative project that exceeds your expectations.


Guidance through complex printing and binding options.

While some bound materials are only intended to last for a few weeks to a year, others need to last a lifetime, or for at least as long as archival or library storage will allow. Some bound documents are destined for a quick read, while books and journals often live out long lives on shelves in homes and libraries where they are treasured and re-read for decades. Because durability and desired length of storage matter, selecting the ideal type of paper for your book or journal is just as important as choosing an appropriate binding style and cover material.

To help create books easily and quickly, Bestype stocks a wide range of paper types and covers for every bookbinding project. Our complete inventory enables us to turn products around rapidly.

Do you need help with envisioning how your images, words, and ideas flow onto the pages of your bound document? We can guide you in all aspects of document design, graphic reproduction, typography, and layout.

When you need to fulfill a bulk order or coordinate the nuances of shipment and delivery, we can even handle the logistics so your orders reach their intended destinations on time. We are New York’s best resource in book creation.


Picking your book production options.

Bestype’s binding experts will guide you through your choices regarding presenting your information in bound form or book format. Some of the most common binding options we offer include:


Perfect Binding  

When your page count runs to 250 pages or less, perfect binding is the most economical option to produce your bound copies. After you’ve selected your cover options and paper type, we bind sections of pages together, applying a strong, hot-melt adhesive to the roughened edges of the interior pages of your book. Our binding experts then glue these sections to the book’s spine. The result is a durable, softbound finished book that will last for years. Perfect binding is perfect for every product, from large catalogs to small paperback books.


Comb Binding

Comb binding produces a book that lays flat with easily removable and replaceable pages. A plastic spine with spiral rings called a comb forms the book’s structure. Binders insert the comb into holes punched through the cover and interior pages. Comb binding is frequently the best choice for reports, presentations, cookbooks, sales and inventory sheets, manuals, and albums.


Velo Binding

Velo binding produces bound documents with a distinctive look and durability. The Velo binding machine punches several small holes along the book’s edge. Next, a strip containing rigid plastic tines is inserted into the holes and through the front of the book. Finally, a strip with corresponding holes is placed on the back of the book, and the bookbinder aligns the sections before starting the process that cuts and melts the tines to seal the bind. Velo binding works well in any situation where a document is shared among various readers. Velo-bound documents are most often used in business and legal contexts. They are especially suitable for legal briefs, presentations, business proposals, and business contracts. Long-form documents benefit from the lock-in-place security which Velo binding provides for essential documents. 


Tape Binding

This variety of binding is very similar to perfect binding but with one significant difference: a heavy-duty strip of tape is attached to the spine with thermoplastic glue. The ribbon and the extra reinforcement of the spine create a solid and sturdy, long-lasting bind. The tape strips are available in a wide variety of colors and materials, including linen and vinyl. Match a strip style to a cover using either a monochrome or contrasting cover scheme, and you can create an affordable and stylish alternative to simple perfect binding. Binders can apply tape binding to books containing up to 200 pages.


Spiral Binding

Books that lay flat, like an operations manual or even a cookbook, are commonly designed using spiral binding. Round or oval perforations are punched into both the cover and interior pages. Our binding machines then insert a plastic coil that wraps itself through the holes and holds the pages in place. With typical use, book pages and covers stay intact for a long time. Spiral-bound book capacity depends on the type of page content they contain. A spiral-bound book can hold as few as 8 pages or contain contents measuring up to 2 ¾” thick.


Wire Binding

Instead of the plastic spiral we use in standard spiral binding, wire binding uses a closed-loop metal wire, and a distinctive square hole punched through the interior papers and covers. The square shape helps us align your pages precisely, especially if you choose thicker paper or include cardboard insert options. Wire binding is your best production choice if you have an image layout split across interior odd and even pages and want your graphics to line up precisely for the viewer. Wire binding can accommodate up to 250 sheets of paper.


Saddle Stitching

For books and booklets that contain fewer than 80 pages of content (or 40 pages of front and back text and graphics), saddle stitching is the most affordable production option. Projects like children’s illustrated picture books and magazines are often saddle-stitched. Designed to be softbound, saddle-stitched books can accommodate covers of different thicknesses and styles. Once you’ve selected your paper and covers, the cover and interior pages are machine-bound by inserting two long saddle staples through the centerfold. If you would like your book to be even more durable, printers can reinforce machine stapling by sewing bookworm through the centerfold. 


Hardcover Binding

When you want to present or preserve your book in its most handsome and durable format, choose hardcover binding. Our hardcover binding method is case binding: your book’s cover is printed on an adhesive sheet of paper, then mounted on rigid boards. Case options include cloth and vinyl, and we glue front and endpapers into the covers of your book. To assemble your book’s interior pages, we first group pages, then either glue or sew the sections into the spine. We can even custom print the perfect dust jacket to surround your finished hardcover book with style. Hardcover books benefit from comfortable ease of handling, and are the ideal format for any text meant to be stored or treasured for the long term, including records, histories, and adult and children’s books.


Custom Book Binding in NYC for Your Unique Project

Bestype’s bookbinding experts have printed and bound books for every industry that makes its home in NYC’s five boroughs and beyond. Our print shop and bookbinding location in Soho is easy to visit and easy to access. We welcome you to tour our print shop and bookbinding department and ask us questions! We are eager to show you how our bookbinding expertise will help your publication significantly impact your readers.

When you visit us, you’ll get a firsthand look at how custom bookbinding works. Our staff is happy to show you the different equipment we use and samples of finished books in their various sizes and styles. Team members can help you sort through the many options that make your custom book uniquely yours, and help you select templates and add individual touches to give your project a successful foundation. Each of your selections makes your book unique — choices that can help your product stand out while displayed on a shelf or conference table.

When you are ready to print, we’re happy to help you with the logistics of delivering your bound publications anywhere in New York City or beyond to the rest of the world.


Why print and bind with Bestype?

As New York City’s one-stop printing solutions provider Bestype can fill any printing and production need. In printing, bookbinding, and every service we provide within our Soho Printing facility, we want to make it easy to design, print, and deliver projects as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

When it comes to bookbinding, NYC offers a wealth of options at varying price points and levels of expertise. Bestype delivers full-service bookbinding at competitive pricing, combined with the printing services that most traditional bookbinding shops cannot offer, all under one roof.

Bestype’s bookbinding services for NYC customers deliver high-quality bound materials on time and within your budget.


When you need printing and bookbinding, done fast and done right.

Are you looking for a single-source solution for printing and bookbinding? Do you need help getting your creative project designed, printed, bound, and delivered? Our bookbinding service and printing service experts can help you, and it starts by contacting us today. We want to make your project perfect. Email or call us and find out how we can help execute your next bookbinding project, starting right now. Contact us today, and we’ll help you get your ideas on paper, bound, and into readers’ hands.