We are here. So are you. Let’s do this together.

By Bestype Printing on July 1, 2020

My parents founded Bestype more than forty years ago to bring world-class printing and imaging services to clients throughout New York. Some of our longest-serving team members have experienced the ups and downs of running a business in the heart of the Greatest City in the World through multiple recessions, through the days and months after 9/11, and through Hurricane Sandy.


Through it all, we’ve kept our doors open and our clients’ needs met, and today is no different. Here’s what you should know:


1. We are here. Right here.

Our facility in the heart of SoHo is fully operational and we have implemented critical safety measures to ensure that our staff and customers remain healthy. If you want to visit, we will ask you to schedule an appointment and if you call, some team members might be working remotely. Whatever the case may be, we’re here for you.


2. We can change. On a dime.

For clients who are directly impacted by the immediate changes wrought by COVID-19, we can rapidly change orders and shift gears. If you had an event switched from in-person to online, we can transition to preparing dimensional mailers, event-in-a-box kits and other tools to support the virtual version, and we can deliver or mail them out promptly.


3. Need to ramp up? We’re your team.

For clients who may see business rapidly shift into overdrive because of these conditions, we are here for you too. Maybe your online subscription company is seeing a massive surge in orders and you need not hundreds, but thousands of order inserts, labels and postcards. We’ve got you covered.


4. Working remotely? No problem.

Our team is available on the phone, via email, online and anywhere else you need us. And our work can still be delivered or shipped anywhere.


5. Let’s Do This. Together.

Whatever your short-term situation may be and no matter how much your plans change, we’re here to partner with you. We are the quick-turn, rush-job, don’t-worry-we’ve-got-this team for you, whether you need printing, binding, large format production, small format production, postcards, books, binding and more. And even if you’re not sure what you need (Hint: Just give us a call and we’ll brainstorm with you).


As the owner of Bestype, I take the health of our employees, the support of our clients and the heartbeat of this city seriously. After all, I grew up in this city and I live here and work here today.


You can reach out to me personally at any time by calling (212) 966-6886 or emailing me at john@bestype.net.


I will personally see to it that we deliver whatever you need, however you need it. So let’s do this. Together.




John Lam

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