The Time to Communicate with Your Customers is Now. We Can Help.

By Bestype Printing on July 1, 2020

Dear clients and friends,

The last six weeks have turned the world as we know it upside down, and here in New York, we’ve felt it more acutely than perhaps any other part of the country. But we also know this: Every nation that has started easing restrictions and preparing for what’s next has seen people jump at the chance to experience life again on their terms.

We have a natural, inborn desire for community and that means visiting our neighborhood restaurant, seeing our most beloved show, stopping in for something at our favorite store. It means living life, in our great city and beyond. Yes, these times have been extraordinarily tough, but we are finding our way forward as a city, and as a nation.


And with that in mind, it’s time to start planning and executing your communications…now. Here’s how we can help:


Ramp Up Your Readiness in Retail & Restaurants

For retail brands, restaurants and franchise systems, now is the time to begin preparing for a new reality: changed seating configurations, shifting customer expectations, different staff training requirements. And in addition, you need to work double-time to attract customers back. Just remember: they want to return, you just have to give them good reasons to do it sooner rather than later.


Operating by New Rules in Office Space

If you own or manage office buildings, your world is completely different now. It will be essential for you and your team to deploy new signage, instructions, information and procedures. And they all require printed materials, from display boards to floor stickers and from brochures to instruction sheets.


Let Direct Mail Drive a Direct Message

Let us print and mail postcards to your customers, event date change mailings, newsletters, catalogs and other materials to tangibly remind the market that you’re here and ready to welcome everyone back soon.


Forge a Path Forward for Fashion

Consumers love to share their stories, and fashion allows them to make a story their own. You need to do all you can to bring that experience to life and high-quality print does it like nothing else. Start engaging now so that your brand is not not only fashion-forward but top-of-mind.


Taking to the Town in Tourism

We all know that tourism in New York has been hit with brutal force through the combination of shutdowns from international travel as well as the crisis here in the city and region. The good news is, New York is a beacon of hope and strength the world over. We recovered from 9/11 and we will recover from COVID-19. We need to show the world that New York is safe, strong and ready to welcome them. Let us help you share that message.


Pivoting the Gears of the Gig Economy

The story of the gig economy and the mobile technology companies who fuel it has been one of massive pivots and sudden scaling. Yesterday’s niche brand suddenly became today’s lifeline provider, and companies that were engaged in one field instantly found themselves in a different business overnight. Making that pivot sustainable, or starting the return back to normal operations, requires enormous levels of communication to customers and contractors alike.


Let’s Get Started!

Whatever industry, sector or field you’re in, now is the time to communicate. At Bestype, we specialize in making communication happen in every way. From retail POP displays to large-format visual communications, and from short-run digital printing to pixel-perfect visual output — we’re ready to deliver for you.


This is our town. This is your town. Together, we can drive the recovery of this city and its critical sectors.

Contact us using the link below and let’s talk about what we can do to position your brand and business for post-COVID success today.


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