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Expect the Best When You Need Poster Printing and More in NYC

In this digital age, it might be easy to overlook the importance of printed materials. However, no business should minimize the impact they can make on potential customers with professionally produced banners, posters and flyers. When you are ready to make a positive and lasting impression on your target audience, it makes sense to rely on Bestype Imaging as your one source for all of your printing needs. Bestype Imaging is a full-service printing company that works with you to express yourself through color copies, sales kits and all of your digital color printing needs.

Corporate Identity

Whether you are just getting your business off the ground or if you have an established presence, you need to build and reinforce your corporate identity at every opportunity. New York is a competitive market in just about every industry. You can distinguish your company from others by making sure that every time you display your logos, graphics and slogans you print them flawlessly.


When you are staging a major event, you need everything to run smoothly from the time you make your initial plans to the post-event analysis. The public will look at the quality of your promotional materials including, posters or banners as a projection of the quality of your event. When you need poster printing NYC, you need sharp images printed on the best papers in order for customers to notice you.


If you are in front of your audience, you must do everything in your power to hold their attention to make your point. You control the content of your presentation, but we can help you to excel by providing you with the visual content to deliver your point. We are also your source for specialized presentation materials such as legal exhibits. If you are making your case in court, all of your materials must be clear and accurate the first time. Our digital color printing services will ensure that you can present your ideas effectively. We understand that when you come to us to print your legal exhibits that there is no margin for error.


You have a limited amount of time to capture potential customers’ attention. Your marketing materials tell your customers about your products and services. Everything from brochures to invoices plays a role in your sales effort. Bestype can help you to produce professional sales kits designed to create the right impression for your customers and give you an edge over your competition.

Bestype Imaging appreciates the drive and determination it takes for you to make your project a success in New York City. We are ready to help you with all aspects of your print needs.