What is Annual Report Printing?

Undertaking annual report printing, NYC organizations (for-profit and nonprofit) smartly and wisely schedule production time on their communications calendar months before their mailing deadlines. Getting your annual report printing services organized early frees every member of your report writing and design teams. Your team can begin to think more creatively and strategically about how your document presents the vision you ultimately want to communicate to your stakeholders. When you know that your project is on track, this certain knowledge lifts a hidden and heavy burden off the shoulders of every team member. You can lock in a quote for labor, materials, and production by planning your annual report printing services early. Thereby, you will get annual report printing costs under control.

Two Basic Approaches to Annual Reporting

There are two approaches that organizations take to annual fiscal reporting:

One: The Data-Only Approach

Some organizations only provide the bare minimum of information required by the SEC, IRS, and other government agencies. Hard copy reports list basic facts and are fast to print. These annual reports:

  • include hard data, listed in the required sequence
  • are formatted and printed simply
  • can be filed within minutes of the deadline

Bestype’s annual report printing services can help your team quickly print and bind your document for filing with your required agencies. We can print annual reports to your specifications and have them ready for distribution and mailing to your board members and other key stakeholders.


Two: The Marketing Statement Approach

Many organizations challenge themselves year after year in developing, designing, and printing full-color, modern annual reports. Both nonprofit and for-profit annual reports become strategic marketing tools in the hands of these organizations’ communications teams. Teams strive to improve each annual report printing project with every edition to top the previous years’ editions. To make this happen effectively, our customers develop budgets that manage annual report printing costs. Bestype strives to meet these budgets by making our printing affordable for small and midsized companies. By approaching annual report printing as a valuable marketing tool, your organization can earn or raise more money. Stakeholders reading your document will sign on to your vision and goals for the next year and many years ahead.

Putting Bestype Printing’s Annual Report Printing Services to Work for Your Organization

Your pathway to successful annual report printing (ideally) begins months ahead of your publication date — but rush printing services are available if you need them.

Step 1. Consultation

When you are ready to begin your project, contact us to receive a complimentary project consultation. Bestype’s printing technicians and customer service professionals want to meet with you to learn about:

  • your company,
    what you want your annual
  • report to accomplish with your readers,
  • and how we can help you achieve your organizational printing goals.

Our consultant will walk you through all of the choices you can make in producing your project. Our annual report printing services include digital printing or using our offset printing technology for high-volume numbers of copies. You can select from various binding options, covers, and interior paper weights and finishes. We’ll work together to find the optimal time to produce your sample proof, allowing enough time for review and approval. Finally, we will produce and deliver your annual report printing order.

Step 2. Design Discussion

If your organization lacks access to a professional desktop publishing expert, Bestype Printing NYC can stand in the gap. We can help move your concept forward by offering design help, including templates that simplify planning your content’s layout. Remember that your organization’s unique photos of your people and activities bring your annual report to life. The final document that we create together will offer a vision that you want your stakeholders to engage with over the next year.

Step 3. Uploading Your File

Once your final annual report document is ready for Bestype’s technicians, you can access a secure upload link for your PDF file. We take internet data security seriously, and assure you that your sensitive information will remain safe while it resides on our servers.

Step 4. Print Proof and Review

Before we print your documents, you will have the opportunity to review a sample, either online or in-person, during our shop’s convenient business hours. You will have the opportunity to correct typographical errors and double-check your charts, graphs, and other images.

Step 5. Printing Your Documents

Once you’ve given us your approval to print, we will produce your documents and have them ready for you on our project deliverables date. If you have any questions before, during, or after printing, we are here to help you in any way that we can.

Step 6. Delivering Your Annual Reports

Once your items print and go through binding and finishing processes, we will notify you. Your reports will be processed for the delivery options discussed during our project consultation:

  • pickup during our office hours,
  • scheduled delivery to your meeting location, or
  • delivery to a mailing house.

At the end of this pathway, we’re confident that you and your stakeholders will be satisfied with your final product. We will print a hard copy representation of everything that makes your business or organization a special and important part of New York City’s life.

Bestype Printing NYC Understands New York Printing Customers

Bestype Printing is New York’s resource for all kinds of professional printing. We are a genuinely local print shop based in SOHO. Our business serves everyday New Yorkers, plus:

  • Small businesses
  • Midsize and large corporations
  • Publishing and media companies of all sizes
  • Marketing and advertising agencies
  • Independent design and graphics professionals
    Artists, galleries, and museums
  • Trade show production companies
  • Restaurants, caterers, and event planners
  • Broadway theaters and major events promotion businesses
  • Creative freelancers and independent artists

Our customers chose Bestype Printing because they trust us with reproducing their work in the best way possible — large project or small. Your organization’s annual report printing NYC announcements, other official fiscal and membership reports, and any document that you want to distribute will be printed accurately and in line with your budget for annual report printing costs.

Why Partner With Bestype for Your Annual Report Printing Needs?

In choosing Bestype Printing, you’ve found your local print shop partner. We offer over 40 years of experience helping businesses and nonprofit organizations produce stunning, public-facing documents that your stakeholders will want to read and study.

Our experience and knowledge ultimately deliver peace of mind because we understand how to accomplish these projects year after year for the many organizations that rely on us.

Rush Printing Help

There are times when deadlines rush past even the most meticulous project manager. We normally can accomplish printing within the tightest timeframes. Bestype Printing provides rush printing services — call us to discuss your needs for our annual report printing services and your publication deadlines.

When You Need Annual Report Printing Services and More

Your final printed annual report will be a smart, elegant representation of what your organization has accomplished over its previous year. Contact us today about how we can help you print your next design quickly and accurately.