What is Bestype Printing?

Bestype Printing is a family-owned business based in SoHo, New York City. Founded in 1978, we started out as a graphic arts service for students, and over the years, have grown into New York City’s premier printing solution.

The dynamic and exciting culture New York City encompasses influenced the work Bestype produces today with our comprehensive printing solutions and state-of-the-art technology. We embrace a strong sense of community, which is reflected by the relationships we have built with their clients, as well as our passion for creating new connections with New Yorkers everyday. We understand that while online shopping has become increasingly popular, it cannot entirely replace human interaction. This is why clients are welcome to stop by Bestype to take a look at their print samples. It not only allows them to check in, but ensures accuracy and customer satisfaction.


How does Bestype Printing work?

With New York City being the hub for fashion, retail, food, and culture, Bestype Printing embraces the opportunity to work with professionals across various industries. Creative professionals, retailers, and restaurateurs, among others, all rely on Bestype for high-quality print materials. Whether it be a new menu for a restaurant opening or a lookbook for a fashion show, Bestype has the technology and expertise to deliver a superior product. One reason why this is possible is because all production is done in-house, eliminating delays that would result from working with third parties or waiting on materials from outside vendors. We manage everything from the initial request, to providing hands-on support, and finally figuring out the logistics of delivery.


Does Bestype Printing offer rush or same day printing?

Professionals in New York City are extremely busy and might not have the time to worry about their printing. This is where Bestype Printing comes in. We are committed to delivering quick results when our clients face tight deadlines, without compromising on quality. Because Bestype only uses the most modern technology for our in-house printing, clients don’t have to worry about not receiving their programs for New York Fashion Week or banners for their Broadway shows. Of course, these are just two examples of the many types of marketing material we print to help our clients bring their vision to life.

All clients have to do is provide us with the details of their project and upload their files online. Then they provide us with their timeline and let us take care of the rest. At Bestype, we believe in partnerships, which is why we are always available to make suggestions on design.


Digital Printing Team NYC

Our Team

At Bestype, we provide access to the caring hands of our in-house team that consists of 20+ printing and graphics specialists. All printing is performed in our Soho print shop using state-of-the-art equipment. You can even drop by to see your work being created in real-time and to your satisfaction.

This integrated process is what makes us different from a corporate printer or a “new kid on the block”—our deep roots in this city, and commitment to the businesses and artists that make it great. When you see that Bestype yellow banner, you know that you’re getting the real deal in New York City printing: professional, fast and nothing less than exceptional.

John Lam - Bestype Printing

Our Owner

Bestype is a family-owned-and-operated business. John Lam is the current owner and spent summers and weekends interning for his parents. Originally, Bestype was a graphics service bureau specializing in desktop publishing, film color separation, typography, and other various printing methods.

After John took over, he transformed Bestype into the go-to New York printing solutions and services provider with access to the latest and best printing services and technologies.

Our History

Our first print shop was opened in Chinatown by John’s father in 1978, who helped graphic artists, students, and others with their graphic printing needs. In the 1980s, we were able to work with artist Barbara Kruger, who created her iconic Futura italics types.

In the 2000s, we worked with street artists like Dash Snow and helped Zac Posen print his first lookbooks. We were even featured in the George Clooney film, Michael Clayton. Since then, we have worked with numerous brands, including Uniqlo, Meetup, Google, Facebook, and more.

Today, we continue to work with artists, businesses, and designers to help them achieve their goals by offering the best printing services in NYC. Contact us today at 212-966-6886 to request a quote for your print project and discover how we can help you!


Need a design?

Do you need high-quality printing on a flexible timeline? At Bestype Printing, we work with individuals and businesses in all different industries to deliver flawless print marketing. We use only the most innovative technology coupled with our commitment to matching NYC’s dynamic vibe. For exceptional printing results, contact us today.


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